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New mom wants to know about travelling with a 2month old on a plane.

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Juwairiyyahsmaama Sun 05-Aug-07 20:05:09

Hi everyone . I'm a new, clueless mom thats worried about doing or having something go wrong. Is there anything i need to know about travelling with my new baby who should be two months at the time of travel?

LaylaandSethsmum Sun 05-Aug-07 20:39:14

It should be relatively ok as they tend to sleep alot at that age, I would feed on take off and landing to help prevent pain in the ears with the pressure changes and feed whenever else necessary!!
Steal yourself for tutting and comments you might get from other passengers if baby does cry, ignore them and remind yoursef that you will never have to see them again!!

macmama73 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:53:28

That should be a doddle, wait till she/he is 18 months and not wanting to sit on your lap/put seatbelt on...

Seriously, as LaylaandSethsmum has said, feeding (or water) take off and landing for the ears. Are you bf? If not, I would use the little made up formula cartons. I tried out disposable bottles but DD would drink out of them.

Make sure you have enough nappies with you and a few nappy sacks so you don't pong the plane out. Change as late as possible before you get on the plane. If baby uses a dummy, have it on one of the little chains so that you aren't searching for it.

I used a baby sling and a rucksack so that I had my hands free for passports, tickets etc. (had them in a little bag over my shoulders)

If you need a hand with luggage, just ask someone. Most people are happy to help.

Have a good flight!

Hobble Sun 05-Aug-07 20:57:57

Hey. Dont know the length of the flight you'll be going on, but recently took my 2 month old to new york which is a 7 1/2 hour flight. It was absolutely fine and as laylaandsethsmum said, baby will probably sleep majority of the flight. Just a bit of advice, which you've probably already thought about, but just in case you havent! If you are formula feeding, find out from your travel agent exactly how much fluid you will be allowed to take on the plane becasue they are so tight on security at the mo, there's only a certain amount you can take! Also, have you asked about a sky cot? Just means you can put baby down for a proper sleep rather than having to hold baby the whole fligt!

Olihan Sun 05-Aug-07 21:14:54

We took ds2 to singapore when he was 9wks old and he was really easy. Much easier than 3yo ds1 and 18mo dd! I was bf but didn't feed on take off as I did that last year with dd and spent the whole 12 hour flight covered in sick!! A dummy, if you're using one, is just as effective and less messy .

Rucksack and sling is definitely the way to go through the airport and the skycots (bassinets with some airlines) are brilliant if you can get one - even if you don't put baby in it it's great for putting all the rest of your bits and pieces in, plus you get the extra leg room.

Definitely take made up formula cartons, the hot water on planes is not good enough for making up bottles and I doubt you'd be able to take bottles of water and powder. We found that the cabin crew made the bottles REALLY hot, so it may be worth asking for it to be heated well in advance of when you need it. Or get baby used to drinking room temp milk which makes life a lot simpler.

Take lots of changes of clothes, nappies, etc for baby and put in a spare outfit for you too. Sick stained clothes is not a good look.

scienceteacher Mon 06-Aug-07 14:25:10

I think the single most important thing you can have is a sling. Don't take a pram if you don't need it at the other end; if you do need it, then it's easier to check it asap (although you can keep it all the way to the gate).

For luggage - wheeled trolley-style luggage is essential, and only one manageable case, if at all possible.

At the airport, you are advised to take as little cabin baggage as possible, and any liquids (except formula milk essential for the flight) has to go in a single, small ziplok bag (you can buy anything you need on the other side of security). Take a change of clothes and reasonable number of nappies/wipes for the baby, a couple of muslins, and a fresh top for yourself.

If by any chance you were thinking of giving up breastfeeding before the flight - don't! It makes it so much easier to be able to comfort your child on the flight and also not to worry about taking milk with you.

If you are on a long flight, you may wish to ask for a bulk-head seat, where you can get a bassinet for the baby that screws into the cabin wall. If nothing else, it's a good place to put all your junk

As with anyone, you want to dress with security in mind. You'll probably have to take your shoes off, so slip ons are a good idea. You probably won't have an underwired bra, but if you do, it might be an idea to switch for a sports bra or something soft. If you wear a belt, you may have to remove this, so you might want to wear sweats/fitness pants instead.

If you are travelling alone with the baby, you may need to ask for help from staff or other passengers from time to time (eg to hold the baby when you can't). Don't feel you need to do it alone.

Juwairiyyahsmaama Mon 06-Aug-07 23:24:29

yes i am bf exclusively and i got the new mothercare sling so i guess i'll be fine. thanx y'all.

"You probably won't have an underwired bra,"

Is it true that an underwired bra is not s'posd to be worn if bf?

Olihan Tue 07-Aug-07 13:46:04

I have an underwired bf bra (from Blooming Marvellous) the underwire is made of plastic rather than metal but it's so much nicer than non wired ones.

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