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50th weekend advice

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mamaduckbone Fri 16-Aug-19 18:13:11

It's my sister in law's 50th in September, and her daughter's 21st. They want to have a family get together (12 people ranging from 10 to 75) and have left it extremely last minute to organise anything.

It needs to be based in the East of England - Cambridgeshire / Norfolk / Suffolk - and accommodate everyone for a weekend.
The only thing they keep coming back to is Center Parks at Elvedon, but the grandparents aren't keen and it is eye wateringly expensive, as we'll need 2 or 3 lodges and we'll be paying for a night we won't use as most of us need to be back at work/school on Monday.

Any amazing, not too pricey, ideas would be very gratefully received as we seem to be going in circles. SIL doesn't want to spend a fortune as she'd really just like to go away for a swanky weekend with her DP, but the 21 year old wants a family weekend as she's away at uni and doesn't see us all very often.

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BackforGood Fri 16-Aug-19 23:49:42

Have you looked on Air BnB ?

Nothingcomesforfree Fri 16-Aug-19 23:57:04

Post this in “ Chat”, Lots of people will know of an AirBNB in those counties.
I looked at windmills for my big party. There were a lot that had several lovely rooms and others that did rooms camping for bigger parties, Might be short notice but you’ll probably get a better deal,

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:05:15

Suggest Norfolk Broads, you can stay on 2 boats, stop at pubs for food
Look at The Waverney river/ water centre, they have hotel rooms, wooden lodges, boats, wooden pods
Not far from Great Yarmouth for family night at the races ! Or lots of other entertainment there too
Or stay at Wroxham & go on boats

I've also stayed at Blakeney, you can go on seal watching trip

I've stayed at Cley windmill, expensive. There's a steam train at Sheringham

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:06:43

Orford there is a dinner boat trip from the Quay. On Lady Florence boat

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:07:44

Get ferry from Harwich to Amsterdam

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:11:40

Norwich cathedral currently has a helter skelter inside the building ! Beat that ?

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:20:20

Potters I've not been, but know some people who have

N0N1ceIcecream Sat 17-Aug-19 03:28:47

dontknowwasmadetoknow Sat 17-Aug-19 20:47:28

Potters resort in Norfolk

Perfect for all ages everyone will have a great time
We love it

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