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Long weekend abroad with 7month old..

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MaltedMilk88 Thu 15-Aug-19 14:33:53


Any tips for travelling abroad with a 7 month old?

We are going to Spain in February Sat-Tues with family, staying in a hotel..

First time abroad with baby so any do’s/don’ts and tips for what to take/not to bother with would be much appreciated..

Thanks x

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SoyDora Thu 15-Aug-19 14:40:35

As long as you’ve got the means to feed them (either boobs or bottles/milk), nappies, somewhere for them to sleep, something to transport them in (sling or pushchair) and clothes then that’s all you need!

MinnieMountain Sat 17-Aug-19 09:59:40

Take a sling even if you normally just use a pushchair. It's handy for juggling things at Security and walking around the plane if DC gets restless.

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