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Good things about coming back from your holiday...

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hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:13:18

1. after a week in a caravan, 4 nights in a hotel "family" room and one night in a 4-berth ferry cabin, y0ur house feels ENORMOUS
(I'm full of frolics and fiddle-de-dees...)

2. You discover that all is not lost and Waitrose does in fact sell buerre de mort. mmmmmm.

hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:34:34

buerre de mort

Gizmo Fri 03-Aug-07 14:35:29

Butter of death?


hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:47:33

check out the salt. this isn;t ordinary salted butter (m&s voice) this is Brittany butter with blardy great lumps of the stuff...

Anna8888 Fri 03-Aug-07 14:47:55

1. you can wash your clothes properly and have clean ones whenever you like

2. there are no longer children screaming "Papa, Papa, Papa" all day long

3. much better food (we were in Greece, this is France)

hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:50:47

dd sat down to lunch today and said "good, food I like instead of horrible restaurant stuff"

expatinscotland Fri 03-Aug-07 14:51:19

Your own bed!

hatwoman Fri 03-Aug-07 14:53:45

I am so looking forward to bed tonight. especially having been in the same room as dds for the last 5 nights.

wheelsonthebus Fri 03-Aug-07 15:03:19

your own loo

scienceteacher Fri 03-Aug-07 15:18:50

After two weeks in the USA, British TV was very nice to come home to.

Also, getting the dog from the kennels.

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