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Anti-mosquito liquid repellent

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Twinkly5588 Mon 29-Jul-19 21:09:28

Anyone use jungle fever liquid plug-in repellent? Says not suitable for air conditioned rooms - but searching online most people seem to do both...? Why not suited? Because of ineffectiveness (dissipating the gas too much so moZies don’t sense if?) or because it’s not good for health? (I’ve read suggestions of the latter - but the vapours are released into the air anyway so why would this be worse with an air con on?) 🤔 many thanks!

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nornironrock Fri 02-Aug-19 15:41:59

Get that room nice and cold, and there will be no mossies in there.

Also, and I speak from considerable experience here, don't waste money on expensive repellents. They either want to bite you (in which case nothing stops them) or they don't. The only thing I ever tried that reduced bite count was 100% DEET. If you can get hold of some where you stay, that's your best shot.

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