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Venice boat trip recommendation

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KatyaZamolodchikova Sun 28-Jul-19 10:11:00

Hoping someone can help! We’re going to Venice later this year for our honeymoon. Out of everything we really REALLY want to do a boat trip of the lagoon at sunset (with a glass or two of Prosecco would be ideal!).

I’m a little torn as we’re only going for 4 nights, if we wait until we get there to book something we may miss out, after all there is only one sunset a night so it’s not like we’ll have multiple times to choose from!

I’d like to book something in advance, but I’m a little worried about dodgey websites and unscrupulous companies that will take my money and don’t even own a boat!

Can anyone point me in the right direction or make any recommendations of who you have used? Thanks!

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SmartPlay Mon 29-Jul-19 21:19:10

If you are not going during some main holiday season, you shouldn't have a problem finding plenty of free boats.

Morden1 Wed 31-Jul-19 17:31:30

Hi we went recently as a family and can highly recommend "row Venice " a great experience and you get to have a go at rowing a Venetian boat .. you can also combine it with rowing and stopping for some food and drinks .. not quite a sunset trip but with looking at it was the best thing we did

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