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Keeping kids amused on very long car journey

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BrieAndChilli Sat 27-Jul-19 19:59:29

We are driving to Italy (spread over 3 days) so will be in the car for 6-7 hours per day.
Kids are 12, 11 and 8

Obviously we will allow them to take tablets but need other ideas to keep them amused, happy and comfortable.

I need ideas for little things they can play with, travel games and also great snacks and other tips!!

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SmartPlay Sat 27-Jul-19 21:50:27

Classic games like "I spy" or packing a suitcase or finding words that start with the last letter of the previous word (in different categories);
finding specific combinations on license plates;
spotting specific car brands and getting points for it;
audio books;
this game where everyone has a post it stuck to their head with a name and they have to figure out who they are

lovelyupnorth Mon 29-Jul-19 16:37:44

Yellow car. Is the only game you need. 😂😂😂😂

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