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urgent response needed - Newquay in August?

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Callmemadam Tue 31-Jul-07 21:03:37

DH has been delivering the 'belt-tightening' speech for some weeks now, but has suddenly realised this means a fortnight at home with the children, which has produced a panic - buying response to match mine on the first day of the LK Bennett sale Can anyone tell me whether Newquay ia a good place to be with 4 dcs aged 5 - 16 in the middle of August? 'Tis urgent because he has a provisional booking.....


LIZS Tue 31-Jul-07 21:18:40

Sounds chaotic tbh . We were there a few weeks back and it was wet and busy ! Am amazed anywhere can take you at such short notice as it is very popular. If you may want to go to the Aquarium print off some discount vouchers beforehand - it is very pricey for relatively little.

portonovo Wed 01-Aug-07 09:31:58

Newquay is really vile in peak season. To be honest, it's not great out of season but at least then you don't get the crowds, the chaos and quite so many drunken yobbos.

On the upside, the beaches/waves are good!

fakeblonde Wed 01-Aug-07 11:53:36

We ended up in newquay last year around end Aug, with dc 14 11 and 3.
I must admit we had a great time.We were camoing about 20 mins away so could escape to peaceful campsite, but the kids had a wonderful time.The beach is great and we thought the sea was really clean too.Sun did shine the whole time too tho` which helped a lot .

loobybump Wed 01-Aug-07 12:02:28

Hey i live about 45 mins from newquay in Plymouth. And personally it's more of a boozy place and groups of 18-30's go their around this time for a booze up! its ok out of season but now it will be so crazy! other nices places around un surrounding areas but newquay could drive you mad!

loobybump Wed 01-Aug-07 12:03:29

St Ives is family place! St ives holiday park is alright and you can get to anywhere you want within an hour in the SW!

Callmemadam Wed 01-Aug-07 21:35:43

Thanks everyone - tbh I think I'll give it a miss in August

yogabird Wed 01-Aug-07 21:38:36

i was there last week it is a vile place with all the worst bits of Blackpool and Rhyll rolled into one. Junk food abounds as do arcades and drunken teenagers and noise and lights and.... have i made my point?

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