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Advice family outdoors / active Hol at Xmas.

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Bestlife19 Tue 23-Jul-19 23:31:59

Hi all
Any tips much appreciated. It’s hubbies 40th in sept and I am looking to get as a present an Xmas holiday away. Really needs to be as budget as poss altho could justify a few treats maybe! So he loves the great outdoors / climbing etc. I was thinking of going somewhere slightly warmer and not too far (can only think of the canaries) for Xmas but somewhere with an active / climbing / hiking edge. Maybe where we could do shorter family walks with the kids (age 4 & 6) and hubby could also do a couple of longer hikes / climbs in groups. Does anyone know anywhere like this? Would love somewhere with a heated pool too! Guessing due to budget maybe an apartment near guided climbing centre may be best. Thanks so much!! Xx

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