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Anyone used ivisa ?

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gillys Sun 21-Jul-19 22:43:28

I'm off to China soon so need a visa. Site says to attend in person as fingerprints needed & costs £150.
I've heard about ivisa who say it can all be done online & costs £89.
Is this genuine ? Has anyone used them at all please ?

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dementedpixie Sun 21-Jul-19 23:11:31 the faqs say it cant be done online as fingerprints are taken

dementedpixie Sun 21-Jul-19 23:17:16

I looked at thay iVisa site and they dont do an individual visa for UK citizens to china. They do group ones but they charge a service fee on top of the visa fee

ShanghaiDiva Mon 22-Jul-19 03:24:17

You will need to be fingerprinted and will need to go to the visa processing dept in person with your passport, travel documents (letter of invitation if you don't have hotel bookings) and the necessary forms. You will also need a registered envelope for your passport to be sent back to you. My ds went to London to get his visa, but I think Edinburgh and Manchester are also options. Lot of lovely bureaucracy - welcome to the middle kingdom!

gillys Mon 22-Jul-19 21:06:15

Thanks all. Will make appropriate appointment at the embassy.

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