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Flight advice - toiletries etc

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Dotcomma Wed 17-Jul-19 02:47:09

We haven't been abroad for 5 years so i'm out of touch with what you can & can't take, and the internet doesn't answer my queries. So, shampoo/conditioner/styling products/hairspray/suncream - do we just buy them when we get there or if not, where do they go?

We both have several prescribed medications so i'm guessing they go in hand luggage - do we have to show them to anyone at screening or just leave them in our hand luggage and say nothing?

I take cod liver oil capsules, B vitamin tablets & magnesium - all of which come in plastic bottles of 200 - do i just take them in their bottles?

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FairyBunnyAgain Wed 17-Jul-19 03:57:17

Are you taking hold luggage and hand luggage?
If yes then I would put your washbag with all your usual products in that.
In your hand luggage go your valuables and prescription meds.
General liquids need to be under 100ml and all the bottles have to fit into a very small bag. With my prescription meds which are all tablets I just take them in their boxes with the prescribing labels on. If yours are liquid then I believe they are exempt from the liquid limits.
Your various vitamins and supplements can go in your hold luggage as they are not vital

ShanghaiDiva Wed 17-Jul-19 04:06:31

if toiletries are over 100ml they need to go in your checked in luggage. Just leave your prescription medicines in your hand luggage to be scanned, you don't need to say anything. Ipads, laptops etc need to be scanned separately, but it does vary from airport to airport depending on the equipment they have. There will be signs as you queue regarding what needs to taken out eg some airports also require shoes and belts to be removed.

SooticaTheWitchesCat Wed 17-Jul-19 13:32:37

Where are you going? We sometimes buy out there if we know there is a decent supermarket. Otherwise we take with us.

All liquids over 100ml have to go in the hold luggage. Anything smaller goes in a clear plastic bag and has to be shown. Anything bigger than 100ml will be taken away if you try to go through security with it

Medications go in your hand luggage, you don't need to show anyone.
Vitamins I would put in the hold luggage

BiddyPop Wed 17-Jul-19 13:48:34

You can put as much liquids as you want into a checked bag that will be in the hold.

Others have said about what can go in hand baggage.

What is vital to YOU and DH?
Are they likely to be available where you are going?
E.g you always use a certain shampoo which is hard to get, so should bring with you - but any shower gel will do and there is a supermarket near where you are staying so you can buy one on arrival.
Anything that is vital, think about how much you will REALLY use on the holiday - I only bring a 30ml bottle of shampoo on most trips, but will bring 100ml on a 2 week holiday. I have both sizes of bottle from Muji as I travel a lot (lots of chemists etc have travel bottles nowadays).

Do you have any sachets from magazines that you could use up? They take up very little space in your plastic bag but can get you through the first day/2 (shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, body lotion, hand cream, perfume, foundation etc are often in sachets glued into magazines).

Or mini bottles you have previously taken from other hotels etc?

If you want to bring expensive moisturizer etc, try and get small pots to put enough for the trip into rather than having to take the larger tubs.

Airports generally have good selections of travel sized products after you go through security - and some are nice treat versions too.

Powders are not included in your "liquids" bag - so I keep eyeshadow, blush, facial powder and my rice powder scrubby stuff (I cannot think of its name, sorry, but powder to mix with water to exfoliate my face) in a separate plastic pouch with my makeup brushes and some cotton wool pads - so they are easy to grab if someone wants to check at security but they don't get taken out unless I am asked to as they are not liquids.
But foundation, lipstick and mascara I put in my liquids bag.

Dotcomma Wed 17-Jul-19 17:32:02

Thanks ladies you've answered all my queries brilliantly xx

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