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would you take bikes for the family or not camp site (seaside abroad)?

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schooling123 Tue 16-Jul-19 07:07:13

going to camp site (seaside abroad) for 1 week and then apartment for 1 week. DD 11yo is good on a bike, but DS2 7yo is not always strong to push bike. Would I take the bikes with us anyway or 3 bikes = scooter for the 7yo? or no bikes at all?

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wobytide Tue 16-Jul-19 13:17:41

Kids always seem to use them when on campsites, plus due to the lack of traffic it's a perfect week to improve his ability on it and generally flat with very little for them to hit into if they fall or lots of grass at least

wobytide Tue 16-Jul-19 13:18:16

Though check your ferry crossing as if you put bikes on back or roof you then obviously change the length/height of the car

babysharkah Tue 16-Jul-19 13:19:39

absolutely take them.

katieviney Tue 16-Jul-19 14:37:09

the price on ferry will depend on type of bike rack.
Mine is one thats on the back and not too high so is not much extra for the ferry.
I would definitely take the bikes. it will cost more to hire them.

Booboo66 Tue 16-Jul-19 15:00:45

Take the bikes, we regretted not taking on a recent camping trip. Kids were all cycling about and would be a good opportunity for ds to improve skills. You could always bring scooter too if there is space. They don't usually take up much

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