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Help! Passport advice urgently needed - I think DS may not be able to come on holiday with us

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RoseJam Mon 15-Jul-19 19:59:27

Ds is 15 and his passport runs out in Oct. We are flying out on Sat and I've just found out that passports need to have at least 6 months to expiry to be admitted to the country (Thailand). The rest of the family passports are fine.

I'm panicking now as I am worried they will refuse us entry to the country because of DS' passport.

Please can anyone advise? Has anyone been in a similar situation? What can I do??

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WifOfBif Mon 15-Jul-19 20:00:31

Can u get a same day appointment at the passport office?

TheHobbitMum Mon 15-Jul-19 20:02:58

You need to call and try get an emergency same day appointment at the passport office if they have any. Could he potentially fly a few days late (staying with family?) and meet you out there if need be?

RoseJam Mon 15-Jul-19 20:06:22

The home office website say that same day emergency passports are only for adults. Child passports take a week. I don't have a week!!!!

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RoseJam Mon 15-Jul-19 20:07:43

I don't know whether to just risk it and go and hope that it will be OK as the rest of the family's passports are OK ...

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TheCatsWhiskers Mon 15-Jul-19 20:11:12

Hi OP, don't just try it, they won't get in and then you, or someone else, will have to pay to fly back. That's even if they let you fly out of the UK.

WifOfBif Mon 15-Jul-19 20:21:25

Don’t risk it.

He will not be allowed in - you need six months incase anything happens out there that requires a long hospital stay or similar. If it says six months it needs to be six months.

Call the passport office first thing and see what they can do.

ETgo Mon 15-Jul-19 20:27:49

If you get an appointment for tomorrow at one of the passport offices you might be lucky - I had to go to renew my son’s last Tuesday and new one arrived Friday. But as someone else said phone them and ask if they would be able to arrange an appointment where you can then wait and collect it the same day?

Good luck 🤞

RoseJam Mon 15-Jul-19 20:40:22

ETgo - I think that is exactly what we will do. Keeping my fingers crossed we can get one done the same day - or at the very least collect it on another day this week. Luckily we are not too far from the Passport Office.

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LoisLittsLover Mon 15-Jul-19 20:41:57

Most airlines won't even let you check in if uou don't have the minimum entry requirements on the passport

NotReve Mon 15-Jul-19 20:44:53

I had to do the 1 week service (only option when it’s lost). Had the appointment Tuesday morning and it came Friday morning, so there is hope!

NotReve Mon 15-Jul-19 20:45:56

That was last week. Also a friend of mine did the standard service a couple of weeks ago and got the new one within a week.

DeadBod Mon 15-Jul-19 20:52:22

Check with the embassy for that country.
6 months I'd usually a recommendation in case anything goes wrong in holiday and you have to have a pronged stay in that country.
Things may have tightened up but approx 10 years ago we flew to the US with just 3 weeks on dd passport. We had a last minute panic but the embassy told us that we'd be fine and no one batted an eyelid.

DeadBod Mon 15-Jul-19 20:57:18

Ignore my last post, I've just checked and it appears they are strict with passport expiry.

RoseJam Mon 15-Jul-19 22:00:16

Dh went to the airport and spoke to the airline rep who checked the system. She confirmed they have all our names and the notes there said the passports are valid for the stay. However, worried that the airline is one check but Immigration in Thailand will be another!

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ememem84 Mon 15-Jul-19 22:05:56

Thai immigration won’t let you in if the passport doesn’t have the 6 months left on it. I wouldn’t risk it.
Best case ds can’t board plane this side. Worst case you all do the long haul flight and he is refused entry. And Is sent back (or all of you are)

teenagenonfanclub Mon 15-Jul-19 22:47:50

Def don't risk it in somewhere like Thailand!

TheHobbitMum Mon 15-Jul-19 23:45:38

Call the passport office and try to get an appointment, don't just risk it! You won't get into Thailand without a fully valid passport

Lucked Mon 15-Jul-19 23:54:41

I know they say kids passports aren’t one day but we have found them very helpful. Think they let us pick it up the next day.

AloneLonelyLoner Tue 16-Jul-19 06:24:06

I got my son's done in one day (Glasgow passport office), so it must be possible.

filka Tue 16-Jul-19 06:34:18

We had exactly the same problem with my DD15 in Azerbaijan just last week when trying to go to Turkey. The British Embassy in Azerbaijan pulled out the stops and issued an Emergency Passport next day. Quite expensive at £100 - actually more than a new passport, but needs must...

Tip - have your passport photos ready to save time.

Check where your nearest Passport Office is.

It's only Tuesday, you have time if you start today.

Tip to everyone - renew your passport more than 6 months before it expires!

fblake Tue 16-Jul-19 06:40:10

That's right it is a minimum of 6 months for Thailand. I'd get an emergency appt for his passport to be renewed or they won't let him in.

Soontobe60 Tue 16-Jul-19 06:40:33

When you go to the passport office make sure you also take your travel documents with you as proof of travel.

Livelaughloveyuk Tue 16-Jul-19 06:51:59

Phone the passport office, if you can through to them... or go online and make an appointment. To extend or renew a child passport, BOTH parents must be present at the appointment, with birth and marriage certificates.

ETgo Tue 16-Jul-19 07:32:55

@Livelaughloveyuk I went to renew my child’s passport last week and all I needed was the old passport and the completed form - I had taken their birth certificate and my marriage certificate as well just in case but not needed and certainly didn’t need the other parent.

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