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Long weekend in UK solo

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Misty9 Sun 14-Jul-19 21:30:58

I've got 5 days in Aug (or possibly Sept) to go away alone and I'd rather stay in the UK and do something relaxing/nourishing. Has anyone done something similar and can recommend anywhere? In in Norfolk.

Please help!

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BackforGood Sun 14-Jul-19 22:48:12

'Nourishing' in what way ?

You looking for a food festival ?
Nourishing the mind?
Some sort of spiritual retreat ?
Do you want to do something like voluntary work ?

Misty9 Sun 14-Jul-19 22:52:55

Not a food festival grin I'm the .Let awkward person to feed ever!

Nourishing for my soul I suppose. Wellbeing type thing. I've just been through a marriage breakdown and need a bit of me time without feeling lonely if possible.

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PenguinsRabbits Mon 15-Jul-19 00:57:07

I love Bath and there's the Bath Spa there you can go in for day entry, lovely cafe's, historical centre, Roman Baths etc.

We stayed here before and it was lovely though a 10 minute walk to the centre

MinnieMountain Mon 15-Jul-19 06:14:39

I'm going on a Yogahikes weekend in October. They have an August event:
You could stay in the area (which is beautiful) for your other days.

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