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WILKINET CARRIER CONFUSION - anyone got one of these and can tell me how to put it on?

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Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 16:03:27

I've tried the wilkinet website but the server seems to be broken ... hopefully it'll be up and running later, but I need to be able to use the Wilkinet on Monday!! HELP!!

popsycal Sat 28-Jul-07 16:04:53

hard to tell you without diagrams......
will see if I can find instructions anywhere lese for you

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 16:18:13

i have my origional instructions for the wilkinet, i cant expaln how to do it online but i could photcopy them and send them in the post to you?

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 16:28:52

3madboys - how lovely you are!! That would be grand... tho I am not sure they'd get to me in time - I'm going into London on Monday morn and want to take the wilkinet cos I need to use the tube and don't want to faff around with a pushchair..

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 16:31:37

bugger shame you arent local to me, i could nip round and show you how to use it

i used it with all three boys and it was fab, i shall be using for no 4 too even my dp could use it.

how old is your baby and how do you want to wear it, baby facing in or out etc and i will see if i can describe how to do it

EscapeFrom Sat 28-Jul-07 16:35:24

Put wilkinet down flat, place baby on top, and DO NOT feed his legs through the obvious loops.

bring the groin strap up, and thread the thin threads through it, and tie at baby's side.

Place baby on your chest, and chuck the long strps over your shoulders.

With your left hand hold the baby, with your RIGHT HAND, reach behind you to the strap that went over your LEFT shoulder, and pull it round to the front, diagonally across your back.

Now with your RIGHT hand hold the baby, and with your LEFT HAND, reach behind you to the strap that went over your RIGHT shoulder, and pull it round to the front, diagonally across your back.

The straps should cross across your back.

Now thread each strap through the loop behind each of baby's legs, and bring them back to the small of your back. Cross them there, wrap them round to the front and tie securely.

TranquilaManana Sat 28-Jul-07 16:38:47

spink - your ds is splendiferously cute. well done you.

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 16:43:15

thats it, just like escape says have a fiddle around i am sure you will get there

i will have a google and see if i can find any other sites with pics or insturcions

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 16:46:29

oh he is 5months ish, he may want to face outwards, to do that you lie the wilkinet down and lay him on his front on the wilkinet, you put his legs through the loops and tie the little straps as before, then do the same as was described earlier, hold him to your front with one hand chuck the straps over your shoulders, cross them over, then bring round the front and pull through the loops that his legs are through, pull round the back around your waist, all the way round back to your front and then tie

the bit that is sticking up infront of his face you can tuck down

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 16:49:50

Facing outwards sounds perfect as he is wanting to eat the world at the moment and gets huffy if he can't see everything..
I am off to practise with a stuffed giraffe..

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 16:51:13

good luck, when facing inwards the legs do not go through the loops, when facing outwards they do, hope you can work it out from our instrucions, good luck

if you want i can still send you this instrucions, so you have them for future reference

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 16:51:22

and thank you, Tranquila, I do nibble on him from time to time because of that very cuteness

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 16:52:23

3mad - yes please! How do I let you know my address (bit of a MN newcomer you see)

TranquilaManana Sat 28-Jul-07 16:55:11

i never did get the hang of the wilkinet. i wanst v persistent tho tbh.

TranquilaManana Sat 28-Jul-07 16:56:38

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 17:08:27

if you look on my profile, by clicking on my name, you should be able to see my email addy, just send me a message and i will reply, dont worry i wont stalk you or anything

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 17:10:28

I've just put a photo of me+ dog in carrier (giraffe too small) on my profile page so you can see the result of your good advice... I can't wait til ds wakes up from his nap and I can try it with him!!
Does it matter if the straps don't reach all the way round to the front for the final tying? Could do it with dog in the carrier but I think once ds is in it they won't be long enough and I'll need to tie at the back...

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 17:12:46

it should be fine to tie at the back, my dp had to as he is bigger than me cant see the pic on your profile yet, but maybe it takes a few mins to load?

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 17:14:20

an email is on the way to you..

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 17:16:24

hmmm should be there. Can you see the others (apart from the one on the profile page?)

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 17:16:33

ok i am off to make dinner so shall reply this evening

i still cant see the pic on your profile, but then i havent worked out how to add one to my own one yet....

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 17:16:47

the photo not the email...

TranquilaManana Sat 28-Jul-07 17:18:42

i can see the pic. its there. cant really see the carrier in any detail, so cant tell if its tied correctly, if thats what youre after.
but your baby looks a right dog! [hehehe]

3madboys Sat 28-Jul-07 17:21:09

ahh i see the pic now, it looks fab and that is a very cute baby you have

Spink Sat 28-Jul-07 18:23:19

ok, have tried with the boy. How far should his head be under my chin?? I think I may be hanging him a bit low & that is why straps are too short....
Also. Are the straps supposed to dig into what used to be my waist? Tis not very comfy Think I need more practise!

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