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Switzerland at Xmas

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WestCountryLass Fri 27-Jul-07 21:50:03

Has anyone been to Switzerland by train at Xmas?

How was the trip for families? My Dad wanted to take the kids to Lapland but they hate people dressed up in strange suits (think Father Christmas, Mickey Mouse etc) so another suggestion was Switzerland. I am just a bit concerned the tours are for old fogeys and my kids will drive everyone mad

sauce Sat 28-Jul-07 12:39:23

As a resident, my first thought was argh! sooo expensive here & weather pants at Xmas. Everyone I know who can afford it goes elsewhere! Switzerland's at its best in September/October.

LIZS Sat 28-Jul-07 12:42:17

Agree you may well not see very much from the train and can't even rely on it being a truly white one! Also the Swiss don't really do Christmas.

sauce Sat 28-Jul-07 12:45:31

But Xmas in Germany could be good. I was in the rather unlovely city (heavily bombed during WW2)of Frankfurt one Xmas eve and it was like fairyland! so beautiful and good fun.

WestCountryLass Sat 28-Jul-07 20:57:22

Thanks for that. It is better to know these things in advance than be disappointed!

I suggested Austria but Dad wants to see the Mattahorn, will look into Germany, I have been to Germany at Xmas as a child and it was fab

globetrotterinvietnam Sun 29-Jul-07 06:49:44

I was in Stuttgart for xmas one year. It was lovely.

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