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sun cream for adults for skin prone to brown spots over the face?

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malaga123 Sun 30-Jun-19 15:43:56

sun cream for adults for skin prone to brown spots over the face?
Can you please tell me which sun cream for adults spf 50 and spf 30 is
Doesn't irritate eyes. No pinching eyes no burning feeling
Friendly for ppl that have sensitive skin
Prevent from getting brown patches/ stains/blotches from sun lights on the skin?

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Expressedways Sun 30-Jun-19 17:04:49

Ultrasun face- available in spf 30 and 50

malaga123 Sun 30-Jun-19 23:22:16

do you know if ultrasun is greasy or sticky?

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Expressedways Sun 30-Jun-19 23:36:00

It’s quite thick for a facial sunscreen but neither sticky or greasy

malaga123 Sun 30-Jun-19 23:52:55

thanks, thats good I need the sun cream that is not sticky, doesnt burn /irritate eyes and protect adults face from getting horrible brown patches spots

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Hefzi Mon 01-Jul-19 00:07:13

Ultrasun - the no pigmentation kind - did sweet FA for me: I even developed new patches (wasn't sunbathing, just in a hot environment).

The only thing that has worked for me is this

I use this as I don't mind an evenly brown face, but it bothers me when the hyper-pigmentation that I invest in time and money keeping at bay comes out in blotches and leaves me looking patchy. If you want to prevent any skin darkening at all, including your hp (whether visible or not) they also do a total block.

This is very light, unlike the ultrasun, and yellowish, and absorbs really easily. I'm really prone to whiteheads, shiniess and blocked pores, but have never had a breakout with this.

I switched to Ultrasun when it came out, as it's much cheaper - but as well as not preventing patchiness, I found it felt very heavy on my skin (don't usually wear foundation, so I am quite sensitive to my skin feeling clogged) and gave me quite painful large spots on my throat in particular.

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