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Brittany and Brittany Ferries advice

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Trottersindependenttraders Tue 25-Jun-19 16:32:56

Hello, looking to book a week in Brittany this August. We've left it very late to have the pick of the campsites and I've just looked to book Brittany Ferries and it's possible I will need to re-mortgage the house / sell a small child.

Has anyone done the drive from Calais to Benodet? How is it? Or if anyone can point me towards a discount code for BF, that would be marvellous and I might not need to sell a kidney.

Any Benodet / Roscoff tips also most welcome. I've narrowed it down to Les Mouettes or Port de Plaisance.

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sawyersfishbiscuits Tue 25-Jun-19 16:38:03

We've done that exact drive. It's fine. We had plenty of stops along the way and were there by tea time.
It was a few years ago but I bet someone will give you some tips on places to stop on the way.
We then drove from Benodet to Paris and then drove up to Calais. That was much trickier.

I did it with a three kids ranging from 3-15 I think. Definitely doable. Just take snacks and plan some stops. We mostly used the Autoroutes.

sawyersfishbiscuits Tue 25-Jun-19 16:39:03

Also, we used Eurotunnel and used Tesco vouchers to cut some of the price.

Sittinonthefloor Tue 25-Jun-19 16:42:33

Benodet is my favourite place! Drive from Calais is straightforward but long, we haven’t been for a while but used to camp a night en route, quite fun seeing different places. Now kids are older we might do it one, but not the night before the ferry! St Malo was best crossing for us.

Trottersindependenttraders Tue 25-Jun-19 16:42:38

Thanks Sawyers. We've done St Malo / Caen to the Dordogne a few times but fancied a shorter drive this year. It's just the £700 + for the ferry that is putting us off.
Sadly no Tesco vouchers to use but it still works out much cheaper. Just feels a bit more of a hassle. More pondering to do I think. This is why I should organise myself more and book in January when the rest of the world is booking.

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Trottersindependenttraders Tue 25-Jun-19 16:45:42

That's good to hear Sitinonthefloor, it's somewhere that's been on our list for a while. I do love the St Malo crossing too - it marks the start of my holiday :0)

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Gobbolino7825 Tue 25-Jun-19 21:59:18

I’m a Brittany ferries club voyage member - I can email you my membership code and you can get 10% friends & family discount if that helps?!

Trottersindependenttraders Tue 25-Jun-19 22:13:09

@Gobbolino7825 thank you so much, really appreciate that.

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nipperlocko1 Fri 06-Sep-19 07:34:06

Anyone else need a code message me

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