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Five days away all expenses paid - but no kids - would you ???

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Kayleigh Wed 15-Sep-04 13:56:34

There is a chance that I will be included in the companys annual convention. This is usually for salespeople who have reached their targets and department heads. There is the occasional exception made and I have been told I am in with a chance. If so it means an all expenses paid 5 day trip to Mexico for myself & dh to stay in a 5* spa resort. The only catch is - no kids.

We have never both been away from the kids before - not even for a night. We have had the odd night away on our own but never together.
We would love to go - it seems to good an opportunity to miss. But I am really torn.

I know the boys won't want us to go (they are 6 and 3). My mum would look after them at my house, although for the most part their routine would be the same as during the three weekdays they are with the childminder or at school. It is just the mornings,evenings and weekend that would be different.

What would you do ? Have you been away without your kids for this length of time ?

spacemonkey Wed 15-Sep-04 13:57:16

you'd be mad not to!

KateandtheGirls Wed 15-Sep-04 13:57:52

I would go in an instant.

nutcracker Wed 15-Sep-04 14:00:46

I would bite there hand off, you would be mad not too.

emmatmg Wed 15-Sep-04 14:01:17

If the 'holiday' was in the UK then no, I wouldn't go but it's MEXICO!!!!!!!

Absolutley YES YES YES!

Skate Wed 15-Sep-04 14:01:36

OMG - what an opportunity but like you I'd be completely torn.

So are you mainly away during the week so they wouldn't have any changes during the day? If so, I could probably cope with that but I'd have to call them every morning and every night!!!!

I'd struggle more if I was away over the weekend, BUT, my goodness a 5* spa resort!? I'd LOVE it!

Friends of mine have left their 2 DD's (age 3 and 2) for 3-4 days for work 'holidays' skiing and the like and they've been OK with it because their parents look after them and they are used to that because they look after them during the week anyway so it's a similar situation. They say they have missed them after a couple of days but at the same time really benefited from the break!

Kayleigh Wed 15-Sep-04 14:02:29

I knew you'd react like this. You terrible mothers you .

Your reaction is exactly what I would have written yesterday if someone else had posted this. So why do I feel so guilty ?

Mo2 Wed 15-Sep-04 14:05:09

(are you mad?)
I would go in an instant if I had the support option you describe (i.e. relative to look after kids)

P.S. Alternatively leave DH and take a friendly Mumsnetter as your 'partner'......(me ideally!)

princesspeahead Wed 15-Sep-04 14:06:00

Yes Yes Yes!

Why do you think I'm going to NY for 5 days on Saturday? You don't think I'm actually paying for that lovely hotel room do you?

Go. It is great that it is termtime, as you say their routine is the same, they'll think it is great fun having granny in the house, they really won't miss you much. And it will be FANTASTIC for your and your dh's relationship, believe me. It IS an opportunity which is too good to miss. Have a wonderful time.

secur Wed 15-Sep-04 14:06:14

Message withdrawn

Kayleigh Wed 15-Sep-04 14:07:11

skate,it would be weds to sun. but looking at the flights we may have to go out on the tues. And we would get back early hours of monday morning.

their weekday routine would only differ in that my mum would be in the house instead of me and dh when they wake, and go to bed. The weekend I can arrange for them to go to friends where they would have fun and be spoilt. So they would be ok. I just know they'll say they don't want us to go and I'll feel like the worst person in the world. My ds1 doesn't even like me going us going out for the evening. Either together or own or own .

Kayleigh Wed 15-Sep-04 14:08:17

secur, is the chocolate for me or them ???!!

princesspeahead Wed 15-Sep-04 14:08:38

Message withdrawn

spacemonkey Wed 15-Sep-04 14:10:04

Message withdrawn

wobblyknicks Wed 15-Sep-04 14:10:46

You HAVE to go - you'll kick yourself for years if you don't!!! Buy them loads of pressies, call them 4 times a day, send them a postcard every day - whatever gets you all through it but GO!!!

They'll miss you but not horrendously so and you'll have a fantastic time. You'll have to miss them for 5 days but then you'll have memories to last you years.

GO GO GO and try to stop feeling guilty.

secur Wed 15-Sep-04 14:14:19

Message withdrawn

Blu Wed 15-Sep-04 14:14:19

Kayleigh, there is no problem at all. Presumably they know and love your Mum? They will be in their own home, they will have the comfort and familiarity of each other, they are both old enough to understand going away and coming back (maybe go away for one night as a preparation, first?), and I can't for the life of me think why you should feel guilty. And I wouldn't do loads of bribery and re-assurance and promises, either - that will just make them think there's something horrible going on that they should worry about!

Get down to wherever does these things and book a bikini wax!

secur Wed 15-Sep-04 14:16:38

Message withdrawn

Grommit Wed 15-Sep-04 14:16:51


Pidge Wed 15-Sep-04 14:26:36

Definitely go for it - and I say this as the person who finally spent her first night away from dd aged 2 years 1 month! It sounds like such an amazing trip, and actually that's a very short time in the big scheme of things. The boys are old enough to understand that you are coming back, they may not like the idea at first, but I bet they have a ball being spoiled by your mum, plus they'll be thrilled at the idea of exotic presents.

Hope you get to go on the trip.

Mosschops30 Wed 15-Sep-04 14:28:18

Message withdrawn

Demented Wed 15-Sep-04 14:34:16

Yes, yes, yes go! If you don't go can I take your place!

wobblyknicks Wed 15-Sep-04 14:39:07

secur - I was thinking they might not miss them much but didn't want to say that, after all it can feel a bit bad that your kids won't miss you and if you start off with the assumption they won't, you might get a kick in the teeth if they do. But either way, they definitely won't be sad enough to justify not going!!!


Heathcliffscathy Wed 15-Sep-04 14:39:39 question (you've got babysitting that you trust and they know...surely this is a no brainer!) you'll come back refreshed and happy to see them...brilliant

Mum2girls Wed 15-Sep-04 14:46:53

We have no-one we could leave our 2dds with even for a night. I feel very envious that you have the support structure which will allow you to go and be very irritated if you don't .

Kids generally don't like the thought of change to their routine (like some adults really) but the reality of it is that they'll have a ball.

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