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How to get a cheap upgrade to Club Europe?

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vacy Tue 11-Jun-19 22:58:41

I am kicking myself. I booked dp and I a treat abroad for the weekend. Got some good flights and BA Club Europe was about £70 more for one way. I decided not to and to save money...... now I've just realised we're actually flying on the day of anniversary ... How on earth could I forget?!

I just logged on to my BA exec account, and I can get an upgrade for £139 each shock. That's far too much for a 3 hour flight... DP loves flying, so I thought an upgrade would be a perfect treat for us.

Is there anyway of getting a cheaper upgrade?

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Expressedways Wed 12-Jun-19 16:21:39

When you check in online sometimes there’s an option to buy a cheap upgrade. Or failing that ask at the airport, they can sell you an upgrade if there’s space but often this isn’t that cheap. Still worth asking though!

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