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Summer holidays

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Attache Wed 12-Jun-19 19:35:49

If your dad is not going to play with him I'd encourage him to take him out for some daytrips. Even "indoor" children benefit from going out even if just to the park with a picnic. It's quite nice for GPs to develop their own "thing" that is special to them and the child. Park, activity farm, ice-cream, swimming, kids AM cinema, libraries run activities and reading challenges, council run country parks have play trails, themed trails with a prize if you answer all the questions, walk in the woods to a particular tree that's good for climbing, or a stream for paddling, geocaching. Town centres often run trails too. It doesn't need to be a big all day expedition, just something to give structure to the week. If he really won't take DS out I would be planning for quite active days when you have him, so he is not just at home playing Lego all summer.

Hollowvictory Tue 11-Jun-19 16:46:55

He's 5. He will need entertaining.

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 05-Jun-19 20:42:00

you could look and see if this camp has a location near you for a few days? other than that, i know a lot of parents hate it but soft play allows you a couple of hours to sit down whilst they burn off energy. local toddler groups often run up to age 3 too. and crafts is a good idea, you could make a couple of sensory bins (have a quick google) and pull them out?

mockorangey Wed 05-Jun-19 20:27:09

So the summer holidays are coming up and it will be our first time as DS is just coming to the end of reception. Prior to starting school, he was in a private nursery 3 days per week, so we have never had weeks of unstructured time like this.

I've got childcare sorted - I have two weeks off (one of which is our family holiday in the UK), and then there are three weeks where I'm doing Mondays and my parents are doing two days each. There are also two part weeks at the beginning and end of term covered by me/DH/grandparents. And one weekend we are going camping. He is not 4 till the end of August, and a lot of the holiday clubs don't take them till they are 5.

So this is great, but I'm wondering what DS is actually going to DO all summer. He's definitely an indoor child and left to his own devices he will play with lego/Paw patrol and watch TV all day. He doesn't currently do any clubs or activities as he doesn't seem to like structured group activities (we've tried). My mum is pretty good at playing with him and will be happy to take him to any activities going on. My dad on the other hand leave him to play independently, and also will be looking after DD (1) at the same time.

I'm not sure whether I should sign him up for something to keep him occupied for a couple of hours a day? Or should I try and plan some home-based crafts and things? To be honest, it takes him a while to come round to things I suggest, even if he is bored. He is pretty stubborn and prefers to do things that he thinks are his idea hmm.

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