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Summer - Long Let in Spain

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MrHaroldFry Thu 30-May-19 11:05:59

I am looking for some advice on taking a possible month long holiday in the summer of 2020 in Spain with my two thirteen year olds. We have done this kind of thing in the past but in France (as I have good French and gîtes are easy to find ) but my children have decided not to take French in school but have chosen Spanish.
I am looking for advice on not just regions, but if possible specific towns and, in an ideal world, someone who has a magic place where adults can work a bit (internet connectivity is a must), teens can sleep in mornings and have active stuff to do in the afternoons, activities that are somewhat structured (not keen on them hanging around too much), and we can have family dinners in the evening. Trying to avoid places where there is a known culture of messy, heavy drinking tourists, yet also don't need the quiet that comes with having toddlers.
Would need to 40 minutes tops from an airport, in or very close to a town with a decent supermarket (I don't plan to rent a car if I can avoid it), and have restaurants nearby. I would prefer mainland Spain rather than any of the Canary island, but I haven't totally ruled them out yet.
I hope I'm not asking for the impossible but have found some of my best top tips for travel via Mumsnet in the past.

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