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Anyone from NZ to take a look at my itinerary

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needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 16:32:28

How does this look? We did a lot of the South Island on our last trip so this time we are focusing on the North Island before finishing with 5-7 nights in Fiji (a long way off, this is for next winter)
London to Auckland, collect car, drive to Coromandel (did this drive last time so we're comfortable getting off the plane straight into driving)
Coromandel x2 nights
Manganoui x1 night
Te Kaha beach resort? X1
Gisbourne x1 night
Napier x1 night
Wellington x2
New Plymouth x2
Waitomo x2
Auckland x1
Bay of islands - Paihia x2
Drive Paihia to Auckland airport for Fiji flight

Any changes you'd make? We like walking/kayaking/cycling. Our child will be 4 at the time of this trip

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blueberry25 Mon 20-May-19 16:48:29

Hells Gate in Rotorua is fantastic if you get time

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 18:04:05

Oops should have mentioned we did Rotorua last time as well as Taupo

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rookiemere Mon 20-May-19 18:05:36

just back from NZ trip. Why two nights at Waitomo? I'd recommend one only unless there's a specific reason.

NuffingChora Mon 20-May-19 18:09:03

If you can fit in a trip to Waiheke alongside your Auckland section it’s just fab. Recommend a boat trip while you’re in Bay of Islands too - amazing dolphin spotting.

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 19:37:50

@rookiemere i want to see the glow worm caves, looked a nice spot with a few walks nearby (albeit short walks)
You think 1 night is sufficient?

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QuilliamCakespeare Mon 20-May-19 19:40:11

Came on to say why not Taupo or Rotarua but I see you've done them.

Is there much in New Plymouth? I've only been once (I lived in NZ for a while) but it was just for a shopping trip... I don't remember much in the way of tourist attractions but I may be way off. I'd spend another night in Wellington probably.

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 19:40:21

@NuffingChora Thanks, is that a day trip or overnight?

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needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 19:42:52

Hi @QuilliamCakespeare my husband wants to go to Mt Taranaki, so 2 nights allows arrival afternoon, Taranaki the next day, back to hotel then leave first thing the next morning smile

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Fezzik Mon 20-May-19 19:58:20

Your itinerary looks exhausting, imo you are going to be doing far too much driving and you'll have very little time for kayaking/biking etc.

Have you mapped out the driving times? I know you've been to NZ but remember the roads are not great and will take longer, particularly around the east coast. Quick glance I reckon you'll be doing 3-4 hours driving most days. Probably ok if it's just adults but I wouldn't do it with a 4 year old.

Fezzik Mon 20-May-19 20:11:39

I have to go to work but will have a proper think later... probably I'd skip East Cape this trip, do extra nights Hawke's Bay and Auckland (possible Waiheke Island day trip).

rookiemere Mon 20-May-19 20:16:56

I didn't find waitomo that scenic although there are some lovely short walks, didn't seem like a great choice of accommodation . We stayed in Otorhanga in the Palm court motel which was great for an overnight stay - about 20 mins drive from Waitomo and close to the kiwi house.

ZacharyQuack Mon 20-May-19 20:20:44

Please consider the amount of driving you’re planning on doing, especially straight off the plane. We get so many tourists who get straight into a car and end up killing local people.

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 20:22:57

Thanks @Fezzik, we did map drives and my husband insists he's happy with them (I don't drive) we did greater distances in the US when baby was 10m old, so far she's a great traveler and is fine in the car for 4-5 hrs (we do stop of course)
Not sure re East Cape but husband wants to see it, looks a gorgeous drive.
We're not planning on doing activities all the time, also happy driving around seeing the areas.
So many gorgeous looking places smile

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needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 20:24:08

Thanks @rookiemere will knock a night off then and look at your suggested location

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needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 20:37:59

@ZacharyQuack Hi, we managed Auckland to Coromandel last time no problem as we weren't that tired, would you recommend an extra night Coromandel/Mt Manganoui to ensure we're more rested?
I remember the Coromandel area was stunning so happy staying another night now I've reduced Waitomo

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withsexypantsandasausagedog Mon 20-May-19 20:40:44

Make sure you go to hot water beach in Coromandel! Also I would also say Waiheke island is worth going to!

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 20:44:35

Thanks @withsexypantsandasausagedog smile

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ToEarlyForDecorations Mon 20-May-19 20:52:32

Make sure you go to hot water beach in Coromandel! Also I would also say Waiheke island is worth going to!

Hot Water beach is ok but you need to be there 2 hours of low tide (but not in the middle of the night though !) To be able to dig into the sand to reach the hot water, heated by volcanic activity.

Waiheke Island is ok, but it's a whole day trip from Auckland. Check the ferry sailing times. You can get the car ferry at certain times and drive around the island. Then car ferry it back in time for the Auckland rush hour !

ToEarlyForDecorations Mon 20-May-19 21:01:05

Hot water beach - be there two hours either side of low tide so you can dig down in the sand on the beach to find the hot water and sit in it like it's a bath. Dig yourself a little bathtub shaped 'pit.' Doesn't have to be that deep, either.

Spades can be purchased at the little shop near the beach.

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 21:02:12

Thanks @ToEarlyForDecorations thats a great tip

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QuilliamCakespeare Mon 20-May-19 21:16:45

Ah ok, fair enough.

rookiemere Mon 20-May-19 21:36:08

Don't take the car to Waiheke island. With one of the ferry companies you can get a day return that includes the hop on hop off bus , I think there's even an option with a seaplane

needsleepzzz Mon 20-May-19 21:45:21

Thank you everyone for your tips and advice, it's really helpful starstarstar

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