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Flying with a 5 year old

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NGC2017 Sun 19-May-19 14:22:44

Hi All

I am travelling to Greece in August with my DS who will just have turned 5. I am flying with TUI.

The holiday has been expensive enough having to go in the school holidays as it is. As a lone parent I really cant afford to be able to secure our seats too.

What are the chances of me and my son being seated apart? I would have hoped with him being so young it is common sense to have him seated next to me as standard, as seating us apart is surely a potential safety issue.

has anyone had experience of this?

Many thanks

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Expressedways Sun 19-May-19 14:29:06

They are supposed to seat you together. But together can mean in the same row but across the aisle or in the row in front. If this happens you could ask people nicely to swap but only to the same value of seat e.g. offer an aisle for an aisle and if they say no you have to graciously accept it. And TUI to Greece in August will all be families that have probably paid to sit together in advance so I doubt anyone will swap with you.
Either prepare your 5YO for the chance that you might be sat near each but not together and plan accordingly or suck it up and pay the seat selection fee.

popcorndiva Sun 19-May-19 14:30:38

Only problem is you are flying when all other families are flying so everyone will be travelling with children. Usual consensus is if you are worried about being not sitting together, pay for the seat reservations

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