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Best sunscreen for a 5 year old

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NGC2017 Thu 16-May-19 21:32:15

Hi all

We go away in August to Greece. I have taken my DS away before but never in August when Greece is extremely hot.
I've only ever used Lacura brand sunscreen on him and have never had any problems. However he is fair like me and I would hate for my boy to burn.
I remember when I was younger and burning. It was horrible. I don't want that for him.
I've been looking at the P20 and Ultrasun. Though I'm not sure how true the once a day will be with a child spending most of his time in the pool.

Doesnt necessarily have to be once a day, as I say I feel its unrealistic being only once, however am open to recommendations and advice on a good sunscreen for a child.

Tia x

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Fatted Thu 16-May-19 21:38:19

You still have to reapply All Day sun cream after being in the water.

My eldest is red haired and really fair. He's also got sensitive skin, so it's hard getting suncream for him. I use Boots Soltan kids on him. They do an 8 hrs one and a long lasting one designed for going in the water. It's called play and swim or something similar.

If you have one that he's been fine with, you should be fine using that. Just make sure you take enough to regularly reapply it as often as needed.

NannyR Thu 16-May-19 21:42:35

The lacura sunscreen has a five star UVA rating and it does the job. When you pay more for sunscreens, you are paying for brand names, fragrances and things like dry feel sprays etc. I prefer to buy the cheaper ones so I can afford to use plenty of it and reapply frequently.
I'd consider buying a UV suit or rash vest for him to wear in the pool as well.

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