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Family and Friends Railcard Autorenwal Change

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Sag155 Thu 09-May-19 10:40:24

If you have a Family and Friends Railcard and have organised 'auto-renewal' then be warned - due a 'change in process' National Railcards are no longer authorising the renewals for certain cards. As far as I am aware National Railcards have not emailed F&F card holders to notify them of the change - on the contrary, they appear to be sending out emails just before the renewal date to say it will be renewed automatically and a new card on its way (this is what happened to us).

Notification about the change is hidden away on the F&F Railcard FAQ section on their webpage. (link at the bottom of the post)

I wrote to complain about the change, the fact that we had ended up spending an extra £15 as a result. I was also angry about their failure to offer any kind of apology to customers for sending out misleading information. I got a very brief cursory email back with just an 'apology for inconvenience' and notice that they could not offer compensation on this occasion.

Do check so that you can make sure there's no break in your eligibility for lower fares.

Here's the link to the change on the website:

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