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Holiday Insurance/Chicken Pox

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Sonbo1 Tue 07-May-19 10:32:29

We're due to go on holiday to Spain in a couple of weeks and my daughters nursery has a huge outbreak of chicken pox. Research suggests that she'll be unable to fly if she gets it and the spots haven't scabbed over. I'm wondering if holiday insurance will pay out for myself and my husband too as we'll not be able to fly if she can't OR if it'll just be her that receives the cancellation payout as technically it's only her who'll not be able to fly? TIA x

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Abigwhale Tue 07-May-19 10:38:50

I don’t know about flying out but my kid came out in them while we were on holiday and the insurance company paid for one adult to stay with him (I flew home with the baby and my husband stayed).

Abigwhale Tue 07-May-19 10:39:47

We did have to get a letter from the doctor declaring that they were unfit to fly and then another one saying they were fit to fly.

Justonemorepancake Tue 07-May-19 10:40:53

Get the vaccine now. It's effective within a few days of exposure.

IlonaRN Tue 07-May-19 10:42:50

You will likely be subject to an excess on your and your husband's claims, but depending on your policy should receive most of the money back.
You can always contact your insurer to check.

NotSoThinLizzy Tue 07-May-19 10:45:43

Might be worth getting the vaccine but talk to the person doing it 1st see if it would be effective. Would be cheaper?

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