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Booster cushion or one with back for 5yo DD on holiday???

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Hulababy Sun 15-Jul-07 21:43:32

Trying to decide what to do. We are going on holiday to the South of France in two weeks, with 5yo DD.

We are travelling to/from the airport, in the UK, by taxi and then train. We will hve all our hold and hand luggage to carry, between me and DH.

In France we have car hire. We have a scenic type car. DD will be sat in the middle of the back seat, generally with me and MIL on either wide of her.

We have not rented car hire as previous experience is that the seats are terrible.

We have two options re car seat to choose from:

(a) her Jane booster with back: comes into two pieces for travelling but is heavy, bigger and more bulky to try and carry, along with cases, etc.

(b) Britax booster cushion, with the strap attched to adjust the height of the car seat belt across he neck/body. Much easier to carry and transport.

I am think we need to take (a) but DH is thinking (b) would be easier for us to manage when travelling, and that DD will be in middle with people either wide of her. No idea how we will transport (a) easily TBH but I know it is the safest option.

What to do???

suedonim Mon 16-Jul-07 01:14:47

Like you, I'd probably prefer option (a) but I think I'd also base my decision on the distances involved and whether dd still sleeps in the car. If I was making trips of less than an hour or so, I'd say the booster would be adequate. Otoh, I don't think taking a bigger seat is that big a deal. If you're taking hold luggage anyway, one more package isn't going to make much difference.

<<Helpful sitting-on-fence advice from Sue, who hasn't packed for flight home to UK tomorrow!!>>

lapsedrunner Mon 16-Jul-07 06:37:03

Well you can check either verion in to the hold for free.

I returned to UK for a weekend recently and only brought the booster seat for DS (nearly 5). With hindsight I wish I'd brought the full seat as DS wanted to sleep and found it very difficult as he was used to having the head support on his full seat.

popsycal Mon 16-Jul-07 06:40:18

Hula - I was told on two different occasions that although they are within the recommended height and weight for a booster cushion, that they would not recommend them until the child is at least six and also within the height/weight requirement.

We have a booster cushion for emergencies - but have never ever used it.

In your position, I would take the high backed booster - especially if it is long journeys on unknown roads.

Clayhead Mon 16-Jul-07 06:45:05

We took the high backed seat with us in similar circumstances, in a huge bag; was glad we did.

Hulababy Mon 16-Jul-07 10:02:18

DD doesn't sleep in the car very often now.
No worries about checking into hold. More concerned about how to carry everything in station/on train, etc.

I know the recommendation for a booster cushion isn't until 6yo. We have one for emergencies and have used it a couple of times for short taxi journeys in the evening only, when we really haven't been able to take the bigger seat into town, etc with us. Figures cushion better than nothing esp as the seat belt cn be rerouted so fits across chest and neck properly.

Only have 18kg hold luggage each this year. Goes down every time. Wonder if they count the car seat, bet the do!

However, my gut instinct for the holiday is to somehow figure how to ake the larger seat with back.

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 09:28:16

Just getting the cases out and thinking about what to pack, etc.

It's going to have to be the big one with back isn't it?

Need to call the airline and see if it will be counted in out luggage allowance. Only have 18kgs each as it is.

PinkChick Mon 23-Jul-07 09:29:36

we took a booster cushion(for use over 15kg) last year to mallorca when dd was almost 3, it was safe, legal and much better than having to take her car seat

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 09:38:15

DD is 115cm (3.77 feet) and 19.7kgs (43lbs/3s,1lb).

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 09:46:05

Our booster cushion is this one with the seat belt adjuster.

Our Jane booster with back is this Isofix one. the isofix bit isn't important for the holiday but it does make the seat heavy because of the metal bits. But as a good point it does come into two bits, so I can take the back off to try and make transporting it easier. Still very heavy.

PinkChick Mon 23-Jul-07 16:58:52

then the cushion will be absolutely fine..bloody pain to carry tho as ours had no handle?, yours may have

NAB3 Mon 23-Jul-07 16:59:41

A) is safer and better. Surely safety comes before convenience?

NAB3 Mon 23-Jul-07 17:01:17

PC: You had a 2 year old on a booster cushion using the adult seat belt? Curious not critiscising.

PinkChick Mon 23-Jul-07 17:04:19

yes, mothercare showed us how to sit dd in it and to make sure she was in centre seat so the seat belt was lower???

PinkChick Mon 23-Jul-07 17:05:18

??maybe as dd was 1 month off three and is height of 5-6 yr old??

McDreamy Mon 23-Jul-07 17:07:00

I would take the seat rather than the cushion

PinkChick Mon 23-Jul-07 19:33:20

hey mcdreamy...26 days and well be out there!, hope weather is better than here?..i have bought one factor 50 and 2 factor 20's for us(dd has 50+40's) would than be ok or are my bargains a waste of money??

LIZS Mon 23-Jul-07 19:34:15

Go for a . On a Scenic the middle belt comes down from the ceiling without any belt guide at shoulder/headrest level so the back rest of the highback one will guide it away from her neck more comfortably. There won't be isofix on middle seat though. Didn't you once have an option c) Britax Hiliner ? Would be lighter if a bit bulkier but wrap in bubblewrap and stash in in a plastic sack, check as oversized luggage.

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 21:03:55

NAB - normally agree entirely. But not just convenience, it is sheer practicalility of how to get the booster seat to the airport. There is only me and DH to carry stuff. And we will have two caes, handluggage and a 5yo to deal with as it is.

No handle on car seat.

Lizs - yes, also have Hiliner but no way can we deal with that on train. It doesn't go into two parts at all, so not a chance of dealing with it.

Must remember to find out if car set is part of hold luggage re weight or not. Only have 18kgs each, so need to pack carefully if so.

We will, ost liekly, go for (a) simply as car seat safety stuff is such a biggy for me. That's why we take our own and don't hire theirs! Starting to think hiring from them might have been a better option at the moment though.

Guess until I start the paking in a couple of days I won't know how it will be in terms of practiciality and manageability will I?

Hulababy Mon 23-Jul-07 21:04:29

Isofix not an issue for whilst away. Seat can be used as normal booster with back.

LIZS Mon 23-Jul-07 21:25:22

Can you get extra fold up suitcase wheels to manouevre it, or attach it to a backpack?

LucyJones Mon 23-Jul-07 21:28:30

we've got the booster seat for our 3 year old.
I recently lugged it onto a train because we were getting a lift from the station in a friend's car.
To be honest I don't see it as any more afe than just the seat

Hulababy Tue 24-Jul-07 21:41:31

Booster cushion is safer than just car seat as it raises the child in the car, and along with the seat belt adjuster, it means the car seat belt is better positioned ont he child's body.

On website airlines says that car setas under 10kgs will be carried free of charge, outside of luggage allowance, but on limited place basis. But that should be fine.

Just the logistics of carrying the darn thing now!

The Jane seat is really heavy. Going to have a look at the Britax one and see if that is doable - but that doesn't fold/come into two bits at all.

Hulababy Mon 13-Aug-07 22:08:19

We took the booster with back and it was fine. The back of the seat, once removed, fir nicely in one of the case, with clothes etc packed around it. The base we took on the plane as hand luggage.

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