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La Petite Camargue for May half-term. Advice please

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Downwilson Mon 22-Apr-19 18:20:41

I have 3 girls aged from 5-12 and thought they'd really enjoy this campsite this year. We did Centerparcs in the Netherlands last year and they really enjoyed it. However, I'm a bit concerned after reading lots of bad reviews about the mosquitos and the noise at night.
If anyone has been can you advise me? Should we give it a miss? We are not based in the UK so could possibly go the first week in June which will be quieter but there will be fewer kids for my girls to mix with. All advice greatly appreciated.

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wink1970 Tue 23-Apr-19 16:21:27

We stayed in the Aigues- Mortes marina 2 summers ago in early June and had hardly any Mozzie problems (and we were right on the water). We used a local spray at night and again no problem (it was relatively windy). I think it picks up quite a lot in August though....

Sorry can't comment on the campsite, but the town is excellent and there's lots to do around.

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