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Optimum booking time to get best deal

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BindTheWobbinUp Sat 20-Apr-19 14:33:50

Looking to go away at the end of June for a week. We want AI and hot hot hot weather (teenagers' request)
I'm trying to hold my nerve and book last minute to get a good deal, but feeling a bit twitchy.
It's 10 weeks until we want to travel; is it worth hanging on a couple more weeks?

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Eustasiavye Sat 20-Apr-19 14:35:10

I don't know but imagine that June will be comparatively cheap anyway.

fuzzyduck1 Tue 23-Apr-19 10:44:02

If your not to fussed where you go hold out I’ve booked a week before and got holidays for £150 but you have to be flexible with the location. On the other end of the scale booked flights a year in advance to get some cracking deals £400 return to Philippines
Hang in there something will pop up. You can start looking now and then when you see what you want go for it if it’s a real bargain it won’t be around for long

YonWeeLassie Tue 23-Apr-19 17:54:14

For school holidays the earlier you book the better. In June the demand is lower so you should still get a reasonable choice if you book later.
If you don't mind anti social flight times and don't need a regional airport I think you should get a good last minute deal.
I'm an early booker but this year I can't book until June and I want to travel in June so I'm hoping I'll be able to find what I want, regardless of cost.

BindTheWobbinUp Tue 23-Apr-19 23:59:59

Where do you fancy going @YonWeeLassie ?
We're looking at Greece, Turkey and Cyprus at the moment, but willing to go anywhere if the reviews and prices are right!

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BarbaraofSevillle Wed 24-Apr-19 09:34:27

A couple of years ago, I booked a June holiday at less than a week's notice. It wasn't the bargain of the century, but it was quite cheap but I did it separately, rather than a package.

If I wanted AI and wasn't too bothered about the location, I would wait a few weeks and look somewhere like the deals section of jet2holidays if their airports suit. You can put in all your details (departure airports, party size, dates) and see what comes up.

Plus have a look at Skyscanner, wher you can put your dates in and tick the 'I'll go anywhere' box and see where the cheap flights go. Then use republic etc to look for a deal on an AI hotel in a resort near to the airport, where you can travel on public transport or get a cheap taxi.

RottnestFerry Wed 24-Apr-19 10:37:05

Holiday Pirates is always worth a look for deals...

Lexilooo Wed 24-Apr-19 13:05:54

Advice is generally to wait until there is less than six weeks to go for the better deals

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