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London with teenage girls

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Inniu Mon 15-Apr-19 00:04:16

I am taking my 3 teenage DDs to London this weekend to see the Dior exhibition in the V&A.

We will be there from lunchtime Friday until Saturday evening.
The only other definite thing on their agenda is Sticks’n’sushi

I want to avoid shopping and they have seen Hamilton.

Any suggestions?

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MsChicken Mon 15-Apr-19 00:19:02

If you're at the V&A late in the day on Friday they have a late night opening with a DJ etc - it's open until 10pm on Fridays, most of the museum is still open to wander around until it closes, something a bit different. (the Dior is really good by the way!). Have they been on a Thames clipper and the Emirates cable car? Excellent way of looking at London while shop dodging!

Inniu Mon 15-Apr-19 00:26:58

I had been planning on Dior on Saturday morning and hoping if we get there early then the members queue would not be too terrible but there is no reason we couldn’t do Friday evening instead. It sounds fun.

Haven’t done the cable car because I am terrified of heights.

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MsChicken Mon 15-Apr-19 00:49:29

I did it on a Friday evening and the queue was OK - I think the members room is open late too on Fridays though may get a bit crowded. Can you see the Mary Quant as well or is that too many clothes in a museum!? The cafes and restaurants on the way back to South Ken tube have a nice vibe in the evening as well. Forget I mentioned the cable car not for anyone with a fear of heights - the clipper is still good though, goes to Greenwich, plenty to do and the market rather than big name shops.

Inniu Mon 15-Apr-19 01:14:01

Oh we could definitely do Mary Quant too. I suspect only one of my DDs will know who she is.

That will be great value for my membership fee

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museummumblog Thu 18-Apr-19 07:16:18

The Friday lates are great fun and perfect for teens but only run on the last Friday of the month. The museum is open til 10pm on Friday though. I've heard great things about the Quant exhibition, plus the jewellery gallery has just been reopened and has Queen Victoria's coronet on display. Have you walked the South Bank with them? My teen likes Brick Lane and the vintage shops, Camden Market and the car park in Peckham. Another idea could be to hire Boris Bikes and cycle around the Royal Parks. As long as you have the bikes for less than half an hour at a time its free (with a £2 daily charge per person). The app tells you where the docking stations are, and there's a book with some suggested bike tours.

Inniu Tue 23-Apr-19 23:37:04

Went to the Munch exhibition on Friday and an escape room after dinner.
Dior kept us busy for hours on Saturday that followed by afternoon tea took our full day.

Dior was reason enough on its own for the trip.

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HoppityChicken Wed 24-Apr-19 22:55:09

So glad you enjoyed the Dior, it's beautiful isn't it, and such a huge collection. Great use of the space. I'm doing the Mary Quant and the re-opened jewellery department this week, can't wait!

Inniu Thu 25-Apr-19 13:28:45

I liked Mary Quant but didn’t spend the hours there that I did at Dior.

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