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London travel 11 year old

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MegCleary Fri 12-Apr-19 09:26:14

Off to the bright lights next week Dr a few days and after reading another thread I’m looking for advice.

DD is 11 do I need to get her an Oyster card? We’ll only be there for 2 days. DH and I have contactless cards so are ok.

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IWouldPreferNotTo Fri 12-Apr-19 09:27:41

Unless you have a spare contacless you will need an oyster card

MegCleary Fri 12-Apr-19 09:46:52

Would she pay adult prices with a contactless?

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viques Fri 12-Apr-19 09:57:48

I don't think you will have time this trip but next time apply for a zip Oyster card which will give her free travel until she is 16. I imagine that a contactless card will automatically apply an adult fare since they don't know who is using the card. The best thing is to check on the TFL site for information about discounted fares. It's a useful site to download as an app as there is up to date information and advice on there , journey planners etc.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 12-Apr-19 10:48:08

These links may be helpful to you also:-

DJ1701 Fri 12-Apr-19 10:50:12

We have just come back from London with my 12 year old. We got an Oyster card loaded at child prices for her.

justanothernomaj Fri 12-Apr-19 10:56:10

You can still get child rate paper one day travel cards. I had to buy one a couple of days ago when DD lost her fourth zip card in 18 months. hmm

MeltingWax Fri 12-Apr-19 10:56:16

Have a look here at the visitor card section:

Janek Fri 12-Apr-19 19:44:12

We bought a travel card for our dd a while back, but the tfl employees I asked about it ( i struggled to make the machine work...) seemed to have expected me to shove her through the gate ahead of me like i did before she was 10. I guess travel is free for london teens (or is the just buses?) , so no one would check if she had a valid ticket iyswim.

HotpotLawyer Fri 12-Apr-19 19:52:18

Yes, scroll down on the link posted above and look at Young Visitor Discount.

So you and DH use your contactless cards and get her a discounted Oyster.

Be careful to use the same card to touch in and out, and use the same card all day, to ensure you get the daily capped rate. And you need to use your own cards, you can't touch in twice for two people with one card.

Janek - London teens have to have a Zip Card from 11. UNder atht age you take them through the wide gate for buggies etc.

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