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Tenerife for October half term?

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NorthernGravy Thu 11-Apr-19 22:19:02

Hello! We've never been to a traditional resorty style place on holiday before and are thinking about Tenerife for October half term. We thought about Lanzarote but it seems quite windy and the other Canaries don't fit for dates/ times of flights that we need from our local airport.

We want a small-medium sized resort with nice restaurants that we can walk to, nice places to potter but definitely not Brits abroad style place, but somewhere where 7 yo DS could make friends. We've ruled out Los Christianos, but were thinking north of the Island, such as Puerto de La Cruz. I know there isn't a beach there so was thinking about somewhere similar.

Can anybody recommend decent resorts/ hotels/ places to stay/ alternatives?

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YonWeeLassie Sat 13-Apr-19 11:34:49

Costa Adeje might suit you? It's on the South Coast.
Lots of very nice hotels, restaurants, promenade etc. It is touristy but multi national not just Brits. Your DS will make friends anywhere if you are in a big hotel rather than a villa.
I've not been to Puerto de La Cruz, mainly because the north coast tends to get worse weather.

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