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UV protection pushchair cover

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LaCerbiatta Fri 13-Jul-07 14:54:47

Any suggestions? Didn't want to spend too much. Thanks

Roskva Sat 14-Jul-07 09:34:44

I use a shade-a-babe, which I think cost £25 from There was a thread on which someone said she bought hers from a website in Australia, and on the exchange rate it was way cheaper, even taking into account postage. Or see if anyone has one they are willing to sell.

LaCerbiatta Sun 15-Jul-07 11:36:17

Thanks Roskva

sarahlou1uk Sun 15-Jul-07 11:42:37

another one is protect a bub. Have a look on ebay. There are lots of them for sale and you might get a bargain! Not exactly weathere here for them!!!

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