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FirstOfMyNameMotherOfCats Fri 05-Apr-19 20:43:42

Just to warn all of those who don't know, as I didn't until recently, that are terrible, and you should never book with Ryanair through them (or maybe at all)

I know, it sounds obvious and perhaps I should have clocked this. But we live and learn.

I have somehow booked only one suitcase and one priority boarding, maybe my mistake. But I have been having massive issues rectifying this. They have charged me €167 to add a 15kg case to Milan. The other bag booked with the flights is 20kg and I'm querying it. They literally don't understand why I would question it.

They have added it to my e ticket from them, but when I got my boarding passes, which I had to ring them and get them to check in online to get, there is only the original 20kg on one pass. The other pass has no luggage. Query that, they don't understand, so I end up with the same wrong boarding pass and my e-ticket showing 2X15kg.

I was promised a boarding pass on my phone, significant as I have no printer. Nope, I have to print it.

Then one of my return flights has a schedule change. They offer me a free alternative under their "guarantee". Back to a different airport. Oh! There is s flight back to my airport that morning, but they would charge another £250 for that. Have to point out it's not a "free alternative" if it costs me money to get back to original airport 80 miles away to retrieve my car. The viable alternative is the flight back to my own airport.

Just a warning. Tripadvisor is full of these warnings I know now. So hopefully this will reach someone who hasn't seen those.

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