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Help me get to new york

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taytotayto111 Sat 30-Mar-19 16:16:59

I’d love a shopping trip to NY possibly in January next year. I’ve checked flights and prices are ok, however the hotel prices are outrageous. I’ll be travelling alone. Ideally I’d like 3 days as close to jersey gardens as possible and I’d then go into NY for a day so 4 days in total.
Can anyone give me advice on how to do this as cheap as possible. To be honest I’d go any time next year but assume jan might be the cheapest. Are there any websites I should be looking on?
Thank you.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 30-Mar-19 18:57:32

I would travel on a Tuesday and avoid all school holidays. Fly direct and not indirect.

Do book a flight into Newark rather than jfk as jersey gardens is located near the city of Newark. may be a good bet re hotels or alternatively book through the hotel website direct.

Embassy suites at Newark airport is close to jersey gardens as is the Marriott. Embassy suites also do breakfast as part of their room rate.

FusionChefGeoff Sat 30-Mar-19 18:58:21


disneyprincess87 Sat 30-Mar-19 19:02:31

We flew with ba holidays, school holiday time. Less than 2000.we were a 15 min walk from Central NYC. Enjoy your holiday!

Tomtontom Sat 30-Mar-19 19:05:04

You don't need more than a day at Jersey Gardens, and with the state of the pound the savings aren't that great anymore. Also January can be painfully cold!

How about spending a day at the outlet and then three in NYC?

Kissmycousinkate Sat 30-Mar-19 19:11:06

We went with BA, flight from local airport to Gatwick and then to JFK five nights, less than 500 each

GiantKitten Sat 30-Mar-19 19:14:05

Airbnb probably cheaper, although strictly speaking it’s illegal in Manhattan. OK in NJ though afaik, also Long Island (& possibly Brooklyn/Queens too)

Agree with tomtontom about January weather - although tbf it can be bitter at any point, until spring kicks in properly.

GiantKitten Sat 30-Mar-19 19:15:41

Sign up with Jack’s flight club for regular emails with cheap deals

GiantKitten Sat 30-Mar-19 19:17:37

Also I remember seeing somewhere recently that BA flight + hotel deals cost about the same as flight only. Can’t remember details, & it might have changed now, but worth a look.

YoureAMeanOneMrGrinch Sat 30-Mar-19 19:17:40

I was there last week. Stayed at the Marriott Courtyard in Queens/Long Island. Wasn't far on the subway to get to Manhattan (and really easy to navigate - download the City Matter app). If you stay out of Manhattan I believe the price will drop.

jackparlabane Sat 30-Mar-19 19:30:01

Stay in Brooklyn. If you call an agent then they may be able to get a deal of flight and hotel together, saving quite a bit.
Flights to Newark are often cheaper and no more hassle.

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