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Review : Holideck at Heathrow

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DominiConnor Tue 10-Jul-07 10:30:48

We travelled early July during security alerts.
The Holideck at Heathrow is run by KLM, and for a family of 2A's and 2DCs cost us £40, though this was a special deal and may cost you 60.

Worth it either way, I think.
There is a little play area, for 1 to 5 yos.
A bank of 4 Playstations
A separate plane watching area with pictures
You can also borrow hand held games, audio stories and leap pad stuff.

There is free food and drink.
Food is muffins, cheese in packets, crisps, nuts, crackers fruit jelly and big cookies.
Not quite nutrio
Drink is pretty much everything from Vodka to Ribena, and include orange juice, all free but you have to pay for champagne ;)

If you don't have kids, there a grown ups only section, which includes a snooze area.

The staff are great, very child friendly.
There are half a dozen TVs, and they changed one for us to a channel DCs liked.

The non-adult area is airy and a lot more pleasant than the public bit of Terminal 4.
Big windows in the main section let the kids be distracted by planes moving around close.

There is WiFi, and Internet PCs.

For adults there is the free beer, wine and Vodka...
But also newspapers, mags etc.

Our view was that these days there is a good chance that our flight might be delayed for hours. Comfy seats, snacks and something to occupy the kids is easily worth this, which isn't much more than a trip to the cinema these days.


Whooosh Tue 10-Jul-07 11:22:55

Thanks fo rthis-had no idea it existed -shame I rarely travel from Term 4.

Where are you off to?

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