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Single trip insurance for pre existing conditions

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Yecartmannew Sat 16-Mar-19 11:29:27

Hi all

Off to Cuba in November and Mum has some complex health issues. Looking for insurance cover for her as we can't remember or find the paperwork for the company we used last time. We did lots of comparisons last time and got several results as usual but eventually found a company that was around £300 less than the others.

So please. I'm after your recommendations for insurance that covers osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, COPD and some more minor conditions


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Yogagirl123 Sat 16-Mar-19 11:37:16

Try a comparison site, declare all your mums’ medical conditions and the premium will uplift, it will be more expensive when travelling outside of Europe. Due to repatriation etc if required, also medical fees in the US/Caribbean can be very expensive. Make sure your mum is fully covered for her medical conditions, mention everything and ensure it is documented on the policy.

Yecartmannew Sat 16-Mar-19 12:04:13

Thank you for your reply however I do wonder if you read the op?

Apologies if I wasn't clear that I would always do the usual comparison however last time I came across a different specoalition company who did not show up on the comparisons and were considerably cheaper.

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donquixotedelamancha Sat 16-Mar-19 12:36:36

Have you considered using a comparison site OP?

WarIsPeace Sat 16-Mar-19 12:42:43

I've used flexi cover, they were very reasonable ( to cover autism and other minor preexisting) . All Clear Travel also worth a look.

It can be useful to see if the support groups /associations for the conditions suggest any suitable companies

Oblomov19 Sat 16-Mar-19 12:42:50

Don't know what to suggest other than scrolling through bank statements from last year.

And emails from last year, or using search words in your email bar for something specific like diabetes or diverticulitis, that might narrow it down to finding the old company.

The insurance market is not what it was used to be, even a few years ago, it's changed a lot recently. and I have found searching this year a lot more difficult than then a few years ago. I can only advise you that search engines now probably won't be that helpful to you and that your best bet is to is trying to find the old company.

Yecartmannew Sat 16-Mar-19 16:46:23

@donquixotedelamancha grin

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Graziass Sat 16-Mar-19 16:48:02

Some tips on Martyn Lewis here

Yecartmannew Sat 16-Mar-19 16:48:10

@WarIsPeace all clear travel seems to ring a bell. Thanks. I'll take a look

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Yecartmannew Sat 16-Mar-19 16:49:31

@Oblomov19 genius. I didn't think of bank statements so thanks for that tip

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Graziass Sat 16-Mar-19 16:49:32

Also check that your travel insurance will cover you if your holiday has to be cut short because of your mum's health. I have loads of health issues and found that we had to book all the family with the same insurer.

TabbyStar Sat 16-Mar-19 16:50:06

Staysure or Post Office

mumwon Sat 16-Mar-19 16:52:06

all clear are good for complex multiple conditions but it is never cheap - we shrug shoulders & just consider it part of the expense - don't forget the European (lower) cost was also because of medical exchange system (& Brexit may well affect this) write down all medicines & all conditions no matter how small & word to wise do this by phone rather than by form because some of the grouping of conditions is complex & allclear have been brilliant helping us figure this out!

donquixotedelamancha Sat 16-Mar-19 16:52:34


In my defence, it is suuuuuch an effort to RTFT. If only there were some way to highlight your posts. In green, for example.

Friedeggsandcustard Sat 16-Mar-19 16:53:09

I’ve always found the medical screening with Insure and Go fairly straight forward - If you apply over the phone then they take you through s simple yes no questionaire - but if you are too complicated for the computer then they have a health professional who will phone you ( I seem to remember) then they agree the additional premium etc.

They were good at sorting the claim when DH broke his leg on holiday too.

Apart from that my Gran used to swear by the Post Office ( even Saga wouldn’t insure her!) but thats going back a few years.

tierraJ Sun 17-Mar-19 20:33:53

AllClear travel insurance is specifically for those with various health problems.

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