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Toyota Yaris old shape, anyone got one? My car quest continues!

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imnot27 Sun 08-Jul-07 17:40:40

Has anyone got a Yaris, '99 to '05? I'm STLL trying to find the ideal small car, ie safe reliable, and able to fit 2 highback boosters in the back and the occaisional skinny 11 yr old in between! Wondering if they'll go in a 5 door Yaris? TIA!

NannyL Sun 08-Jul-07 19:04:08

my mum and my sister both have one and you would definitley fot 2 car seats and a small person in between IMHO.

My sisters car is an 03 one and it has 2 isofix points in the back (not that you need them for high backed boosters)

I have a clio (which is one of the safest small cars around)

I can get 3 children in car seats in the back of my clio + it has a good size boot too (for a small car)

with the yaris you eitehr have a bit of leg room and a tiny boot or NO legroom at all and a medium boot. Much more space in my clio!

imnot27 Sun 08-Jul-07 20:31:25

Oh really, tha's interesting, what year/model is your clio? I've got a budget of around £4000, so I'm looking at cars around 5 years old. Thanks for your help!

NannyL Sun 08-Jul-07 20:44:13

hmmm not sure what model my clio is but it isnt the newest one but the one before (as far as i know the only difference between the 2 models seems to be the lights anyway!)

IMO the clio is a really big little car!

nomoremagnolia Sun 08-Jul-07 20:44:40

I have the old yaris (2000) and it's fab! Have not tried to fit 3 kids/carseats in the back (still ttc!) but have had 3 adults in the back with no problems (actually they were 3 rugby players and DH in the front passenger seat and still room for 4 rugby kit bags in the boot, so pretty spacious really)
I love my car and we bought it with 5 doors and the isofix with kids in mind. Boot is fairly spacious (for the size of car) even with the rear seat at the furthest back (least boot space) and it is the most reliable car I've ever owned - the only things it's needed to pass MOT in last 3 years was a tyre and a windscreen wiper blade! Fab car (did I already say that? ) Oh and you can fit a washing machine in the back with the seats down, which was more than DH's (old) BMW saloon could!! He now drives a toyota on the back the back of how good my car is!

imnot27 Mon 09-Jul-07 12:20:14

Thanks nomore, that's really helpful, cos if you can fit three rugby players in the back then I guess I can defo fit my three squiddly dids in!

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