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Are new carpets safe for newborn babies?

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kathrynv Thu 05-Jul-07 19:01:33


I am due to have my first baby on 10th Oct 07. My boyfriend is suggesting putting new carpets down in the bedroom and babys room some time in September. We would get something 100% natural (probably wool) but I am still worried this might be too close to the birth to be safe, smell and fume-wise for the baby. Has anyone got any advice? Am I worrying unnecessarily? Is it OK as long as they are put down at least say 4 weeks before due date?

Thanks in advance for any advice!


fingerwoman Thu 05-Jul-07 19:06:18

I am sure it'll be fine. gives you plenty of time to give the rooms a bit of an airing before baby is born

katylou25 Thu 05-Jul-07 19:59:49

Will be absolutely fine after a couple of days airing - I really wouldn't worry

Psychobabble Thu 05-Jul-07 20:06:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kathrynv Fri 06-Jul-07 13:57:32

Thanks all - feeling much more reassured about it! x

nomdeplume Fri 06-Jul-07 13:59:45

will it be a flying carpet ?


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