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Holidays with my daughter

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3107Z Sat 16-Feb-19 22:37:54

I was a young single mum and never really went on holidays when my daughter was young. Now she's grown up (22) we've been going on lots of holidays over the last 5 years. She's got a boyfriend and we all go together,mainly places like Spain. She's started to work and can't get always get the same time off as I do and more recently she's said I need to find different people to go on holiday with (although if I say I'm booking something,I'll ask if they want to come and they do). I'm single so I have been using them both as holiday buddies too!
I have two questions:
Is it weird that we all go on holidays together,even when she resists then gives in

I'm a sunshine person so I generally go to the same places,would you just go on your own? Does that not come across as lonely?

I am a sociable person and can talk to anybody so I would find it easy,but I think,for me, it's taking the initial jump and booking something on my own and people not thinking I have no friends or family to go with...(a lot of my friends are in relationships)

I seem to care what people think too much but sometimes you can't help it.

Any help tips or advice would be great xx

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anniehm Sat 16-Feb-19 22:42:25

Why don't you choose a holiday/tour/cruise aimed at singles? I don't mean one aimed at dating, just one that acknowledges single travellers

Bluerussian Sat 16-Feb-19 22:42:56

I don't think it is weird but perhaps it is time now to let her go on holiday with boyfriend or friends. You could have the occasional short break with her.

3107Z Sat 16-Feb-19 22:45:57

I've looked into organised trips and they're so much more expensive. Do you have any recommendations?

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3107Z Sat 16-Feb-19 22:48:18

Funnily enough,it's a big birthday this year and I was planning to go to Australia and she put me off till next year because she wants to go 😂 instead I've booked Caribbean and she's very excited about going,although her boyfriend is coming too,which is still fine.

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