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Holidays with teenagers

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casawasa Wed 04-Jul-07 23:41:05

Can anyone recommend a cool hotel in New York that would welcome teenagers. Any suggestions for something different from the norm would be good - looking for something that teenagers will really enjoy. Harrumph, in our day a trip to a wet beach was enough

ThomCat Thu 05-Jul-07 14:44:35

Hmmm, what sort of age and what sort of budget.
I can think of a mad hotel but it's massively low budget, kind of place that travellers stay in, all rooms different, painted by local artisits but not sure you'd think it so much fun. i oved it but that wsa pre kids. It's the Carlton Arms
Or how about the Gershwin??

ThomCat Thu 05-Jul-07 14:46:55

I stayed in room 6B at the Carlton Arms. No ensuite First time ever and becasue it was NY and I was so happy I actually didn't mind double !!

motheroftwoboys Tue 10-Jul-07 15:44:52

Any hotel would welcome teenagers. We were there at New Year with our two boys - 15 and 16. We stayed at the Beekman Tower which is an apartment hotel near the United Nations. Fantastic location. 10 minutes walk from Times Square. On the route of the get on/get off tourist bus. Not brilliantly modern but plenty of space, great rooftop restaurant. Wonderful cafe over the road where we ate breakfast every morning. Friend of ours has just stayed at the Westin in Times Square which has to be the coolest location. Look on Trip Advisor - it is hugely helpful but massively addictive!! Marriot Marquis also great - with an extremely tall lobby and a very fast glass life! Revolving restaurant top used in When Harry Met Sally.

fairyjay Tue 10-Jul-07 15:55:32

I know what you mean mumof2 - Trip Advisor can be as addictive as mn!

Casawasa - we stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square - hotel was OK, but our 14 and 15 year olds absolutely loved the location. It felt like 'real' NY to them!

We had the most fantastic week there at Easter - there is so much to do, our two didn't moan about being bored once!

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