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Weekend break that won’t break the bank

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Daddylonglegs1965 Fri 15-Feb-19 15:02:11

Hoping to get away with DH for a couple of nights (Max) for some much needed and rare couple time next month.
DH thinking city, bars and prob lots of walking/stomping around shops but won’t be doing much shopping as we haven’t got lots of spare cash (I feel that’s like taking an alcoholic on a pub crawl). I’m thinking more countryside, leisurely, maybe a spa and relaxation, nice meal, couple of drinks maybe some theatre.
Any ideas where to look for offers and or suggestions where to go no more than 2-3 hours from Cumbria or anything good on anywhere at the end of next month concert or theatre?

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TurnOffTheTv Fri 15-Feb-19 15:07:37


What about Ramside Hotel in Durham? They often do special offers, so you can relax or go into the city.

Daddylonglegs1965 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:15:06

Thanks will have a look not been to
Durham before.

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MatildaTheGreat Fri 15-Feb-19 17:18:58

YHA have budget accommodation and some are in beautiful historic buildings.

York is fab for walking / window shopping without actually wanting to buy anything. Loads of fab restaurants / bars as well.

Daddylonglegs1965 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:42:09

Thanks Matilda I fancied a nice hotel either DBB with an offer on or a nice hotel near some nice restaurants. I don’t really want to be shopping all day. I used to love wandering round the shops but I much prefer to wrap and be outside more of the time unless it’s persistently raining rather than being in a shoppping Centre. Went to Leeds a couple of years ago and found traipsing around a load of shops (and not buying anything or much) hard work.

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Daddylonglegs1965 Fri 15-Feb-19 17:44:12

I was looking at the Fawlty Towers Experience as something a little different and we both liked that but it only seems to be advertised in London and Edinburgh in August.

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Tonsilss Fri 15-Feb-19 17:57:33

The isle of Mann?

MsSquiz Fri 15-Feb-19 18:01:58

What about Newcastle?
For shows/gigs you've got City Hall, theatre royal, Tyne theatre, the Sage, and lots more.

There are city centre hotels with spas (Malmaison/Gateshead Hilton) based on the quayside so are also surrounded by restaurants and pubs/bars.

Or nearby towns such as Hexham, Morpeth and countryside hotels with spas (Walwick Hall, Linden Hall, Matfen Hall)

anniehm Fri 15-Feb-19 18:13:10

Buxton is nice. The opera house has a variety of different things from opera to tribute acts.

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