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Tavira, Algarve

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Wishimaywishimight Wed 13-Feb-19 18:29:26

Thinking of Tavira for a week's holiday in September. Can anyone recommend a hotel or apartments? It will be me and DH, both 50. We'd like somewhere near the town as we don't plan to hire a car. We'd like somewhere with a nice pool area and a decent balcony, maybe 3 or 4 star, happy to pay up to €170/€180 per night. Doing lots of browsing but would love to hear from someone who has been there.

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SorrelForbes Wed 13-Feb-19 18:36:27

We love Tavira but usually stay in a villa about 15 minutes away. There's a converted convent that's meant to be lovely.

Wishimaywishimight Wed 13-Feb-19 19:09:02

Thanks Sorrel, I know the place you mean - it looks utterly fabulous but a bit more expensive than we'd planned. Might go for it though if we don't find anything that looks as nice!. Tavira looks lovely - we've been to Albufeira, Alvor, Lagos and Armacao de Pera (Alvor is my favourite) and just want to try somewhere different.

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EverybodyKeepCool Wed 13-Feb-19 19:21:14

Vila Gale is nice, has pools and is central. It's just over the road from the market and a short walk from the boat that takes you to Ilha de Tavira

Wishimaywishimight Thu 14-Feb-19 08:43:58

Thanks Everybody, that's where we've pretty much decided on - looks lovely and great location!

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