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Centre Parcs

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mrsrebeccab Mon 11-Feb-19 19:05:17

Hello - we're after some advice, our first baby is due September 19th - some friends have planned to go to centre parcs in October half term.. what's the likelihood/realistic expectation that we should go? they're helpful friends but not sure if I would just want to be at home or be thankful for the company at that stage? Would only be an hours drive? Thanks!

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2birds1stone Mon 11-Feb-19 20:15:36

I would suggest joining them on a day basis if you feel up to it.

In the first few weeks I was still establishing breast feeding, sleepiness nights, how to wash baby, dress baby, comfort baby. I wouldn't have wanted to make a commitment but that is me and I will only go on holiday with grandparents so it's less stressful

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