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Help with some some Italian phrases please!

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MirandaGoshawk Mon 11-Feb-19 18:20:18

I've booked to go with my cousin to Puglia, hopefully visiting Matera and its cave houses. She's always had heart problems and been a slow walker, but I haven't seen her for a year and she's just told me that she can hardly climb stairs at all now! This is going to be a nightmare in Matera and I might just need to explain to a taxi driver that we can walk down OK but could they meet us at the bottom. So can you please tell me how to say:

She has a bad heart and can't walk up stairs/up hills.
Please meet us down there.

Many thanks!

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GoofyIsACow Mon 11-Feb-19 18:25:06

Ha un brutto cuore e non può salire le scale / su per le colline.
Per favore ricoglierci il fondo della collina

Is what i would say but i’m sure someone who is a native speaker would correct me!

HaventGotAllDay Tue 12-Feb-19 21:18:45

"la signora ha problemi di cuore e nn riesce a salire le scale/la salita/la collina.
Gentilmente se lei ci puo' venire a riprendere la' giu' (indicate where you want to be picked up)

They've given Matera a big revamp and clean up for the European city of culture thing and I believe there are shuttle buses taking you from the massive carpark at the bottom of the town up into it.

MirandaGoshawk Sun 17-Feb-19 22:19:26

Thank you both. Sorry to be such a long time getting back to you - I totally forgot about this! I've just seen that Matera is going to be used in the next Bond film! They start filming in April. I've been reading up about the food in that part of Italy - cucina povera (?) so lots of lovely colourful veggies (I'm veggie) and fab olive oil, bread etc - I am super excited and can't wait!

That's fantastic news about the shuttle bus. That's given me confidence to book to stay there. Mille gracie!

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HaventGotAllDay Mon 18-Feb-19 09:21:00

There are lots of veggies- absolutely, but being vegetarian won't be without its hassles tbh. I WAS vegetarian when I arrived here (Puglian coast) 25 years ago, but gave up (after having been vegetarian for over 10 years)
Things are improving- but there is still the prevalent idea that if you're vegetarian you will either a) not consider salami and squid to be vegetarian or b) you will want brown rice and tofu because you're weird!
Though they eat loads of pasta dishes with only vegetables (you must try orecchiette with cime de rapa) they wouldn't think that was vegetarian (even though it's pasta with a form of short broccoli) iyswim?
You will be fine though-as you say, there ARE loads of wonderful vegetables!

KingIrving Mon 18-Feb-19 09:30:05

Sorry Goofy but Allday got it almost right.

"la signora ha problemi di cuore e non riesce a salire le scale/la salita/la collina.
Gentilmente potrebbe venirci a riprendere a ...... (indicate where you want to be picked up)
- tra (in)..... quindici (15) minuti , trenta minuti (30 min) , un'ora (1H)
- ( or just say the time straight so ) alle due (2pm) di pomeriggio, le quattro (4pm) , le sei (6pm) .

You might also want to ask for his mobile number/

Ci potrebbe dare il suo numero di telefono cosi quando siamo arrivate la chiamiamo e ci viene a prendere? Could we have your mobile number so when we are there, we call you to come and get us.

MirandaGoshawk Tue 26-Feb-19 14:35:35

Thank you all for your advice/suggestions. I've been trying to practice and will doubtless throw in a bit of French and/or Spanish, but we'll get there!

Haven't I'm prepared to go with the flow a bit on holiday. I wouldn't be able to manage salami but would eat fish or just have a mixed salad and bread. It'll be fine! xx and wine

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