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Stansted Airport to Hyde Park

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TreesAr3Green Sun 03-Feb-19 00:18:05

I'm travelling down to London in a few weeks, flying into to Stansted Airport and staying near Hyde Park. One of my friends usually meets me at the airport and we travel together in her car, so this is the first time I'm going it alone. I've had a look at public transport routes and I'm more confused than ever. Can anyone help a girl out and tell me the quickest (but not ridiculously expensive) way to make this journey. If you happen to know the station/bus changes off the top of your head will also be gratefully appreciated.


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Singlenotsingle Sun 03-Feb-19 00:21:17

There is a shuttle train that will take you direct into London. You'd have to get the tube from there.

TheSmallAssassin Sun 03-Feb-19 00:41:53

Download the Citymapper app on your phone, it is brilliant. I lived in London for years, but still use it for planning journeys when I come up to town.

TheSmallAssassin Sun 03-Feb-19 00:44:07

(put Stansted Airport as where you are coming from, the address of where you are staying to go to and it will work it all out for you. Change the departure time to a daytime one if you are looking now though!)

LondonHuffyPuffy Sun 03-Feb-19 00:48:15

The easiest route would be the Stansted Express train to Liverpool Street then Central Line to Marble Arch

LondonHuffyPuffy Sun 03-Feb-19 00:57:16

The above depends a bit on whether you mind walking the last leg of your journey and whereabouts your hotel is in relation to Hyde Park. I live in London and am averse to changing modes of transport or taking more than two tube lines to get anywhere and I don’t mind walking! If your hotel is closer to Hyde Park Corner tube station you could change from the Stansted Express at Tottenham Hale then Victoria Line to Green Park and change on to the Piccadilly line there, but Green Park is a pain in the butt to change trains (long walks between lines)

Blibbyblobby Sun 03-Feb-19 01:03:06

Hyde Park is pretty big.

If you are staying on the North side do Stansted EXpress -> L'pool St -> Central Line .

If you are staying on the South East side I'd go Stansted EXpress -> Tottenham Hale then get the Victoria Line to Green Park and walk about 10 mins to Hyde Park Corner. (Or if many bags, Stansted EXpress -> Tottenham Hale then get the Victoria Line to Finsbury Park and change to the Piccadilly line to Hyde Park Corner. Not the fastest route but the easiest links between platforms).

If staying South/South West, same Piccadilly route but stay on the tube til Knightsbridge, South Kensington or Gloucester Road depending on where you are staying. is your guru smile

OrchidInTheSun Sun 03-Feb-19 01:04:23

I'd change between the Victoria and Piccadilly at St Pancras. It's a short corridor between the lines and there are lifts to the the platforms

TreesAr3Green Sun 03-Feb-19 14:04:37

Thank you so much for your replies. I'll check out the exact location of the hotel and check these routes out x

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StealingYourWiFi Sun 03-Feb-19 14:06:42

Definitely the Stansted Express. You can get off at Tottenham Hale or Liverpool Street and change lines from there.

MsChookandtheelvesofFahFah Sun 03-Feb-19 14:13:26

Definitely get off at Tottenham Hale and get on the Underground. And as Blibby says where you get off/change lines will depend on the address where you are staying. On no account change lines at Green Park as you will start to wonder if you will ever see daylight again. shockshock

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 03-Feb-19 16:05:18

I would check Abellio Greater Anglia's website (look at Service Alterations) before you actually start this journey particularly if you are travelling on the weekend. I suggest this also because there are ongoing engineering works and track maintenance on lines into Liverpool Street.

cestlavielife Tue 05-Feb-19 23:23:58

Get the A6 coach down to Victoria which Is close to Hyde park corner

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