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P&O Britannia Spain/France - if you've been please share!

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WordsAndWorlds Sun 27-Jan-19 17:04:56

Hi, we've cruised with P&O before but never on Britannia or to these destinations so would love to hear general experiences and also have a few specific questions...

- What's Britannia like vs Ventura esp in terms of food/ entertainment/ kids clubs?
- What shore excursions did you book - what were the prices like and would you recommend? If you did your own thing, what did you do?


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silverlace Sun 24-Feb-19 21:31:52

Britannia is bigger than Ventura and as it is much newer is more luxurious.

Food was very similar to Ventura but did have a snack area by the pool where you could help yourself to sandwiches, wraps fruit etc which was great for children.

The pools on Britannia are all outdoors unlike Ventura. Can't really comment on kids clubs as ours are older so only went in a couple of times for an hour or so.

France and Spain was good. Went to A Coruna and planned our own excursion to the lighthouse then a nearby beach using local buses and saved a fortune over an organised trip. Had a good walk round the town and found an excellent place for tapas. There is a play park right by the cruise terminal.

La Rochelle looked lovely but we made this mistake of paying for an excursion to Il De Re. It was very rushed, we felt herded about and didn't have any time just to wander.

Guernsey - organised with Guernsey Cycle Hire to collect bikes at the port. Excellent friendly service. Rode round the north of the island stopping at beautiful beaches for lunch and ice creams. Left the bikes locked to the railings at the port when we were ready to leave.

We saved so much by looking what excursions are on offer then planning them ourselves. We are by no means seasoned travellers but it was all very easy using the internet and Google maps.

I prefer Britannia to Ventura mainly because it is much newer and more modern.

Any other questions just ask.

Funf Wed 27-Feb-19 12:15:32

Look at each port on cruise critic, we have been with P & O twice, last year they had really gone down market food was poor ship smelt, I feel another line would be better.
We have been to a lot of the med if its going to Cadiz its lovely, nice town, two very nice beaches

WordsAndWorlds Thu 04-Apr-19 14:06:25

@Funf which ship were you on please? Yes it's Cadiz, as well as Malaga, Cannes, La Palma, Gibralta, Barcelona...

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Funf Fri 05-Apr-19 05:40:21

Ventura then Azura last year.
Cadiz is a very nice place with two good beaches. Malaga check t see oil any festivals are on as they are very good.

Stickerrocks Fri 05-Apr-19 21:31:09

I'm typing this from Ventura on my way to Spain & Portugal. I've been on Britannia a couple of times, along with Azure, Ventura before and RCI's Indie. Ventura is a little bit less swish than Britannia - everything feels slightly smaller and less airy. There is a lot more to do on Britannia on a sea day and the Crows Nest is lovely for chilling during the day. The huge plus on Ventura is the covered pool, which some hardy souls were even using today in Southampton. Ventura seems to have a lot more family activities on sea days then I remember on Britannia, from looking at tomorrow's Horizon, but less for adults (I'm here with DD17).

Stickerrocks Fri 05-Apr-19 21:32:12

Look up the website "Whatsinport".

Watchingblueplanet Sun 07-Apr-19 18:47:18

We loved Britannia. The ship is bright and modern and there are lots of screened areas on deck to sit and have a coffee or a cocktail. If you are going to Gibraltar, call in at the Morrison’s near the dock. They sell alcohol and cigars at a much cheaper price than in the main tourist shops. You can also buy real clotted cream there to eat with your ship’s afternoon teas!

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