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Tell me about Canada?

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Howmanysleepstilchristmas Mon 21-Jan-19 17:32:23

I’d love to go, but no idea whereabouts! I’m thinking warm, sunny, outdoor activities, lakes, mountains, bears, moose, plenty of stuff to keep dc aged 6-14 happy. Where should I look?

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xyzandabc Mon 21-Jan-19 17:34:06

Vancouver Island
Or west coast at least.

Mix56 Mon 21-Jan-19 17:41:16

You unlikely to see bears or moose in the summer months when you hope for outdoor activities with DD. Other than in anilsl reserves .
June is mozzy season , July -Sept you can still swim in lakes.... there are loads of outdoor things to do. Canadians thrive outdoors

Mix56 Mon 21-Jan-19 17:41:48

Animal !

captainjackandjill Mon 21-Jan-19 17:44:35

Another one for Vancouver Island or Vancouver. Vancouver is much busier if you prefer big city, but there are lots of places outside the city that are great to visit too like Whistler. Inside the city there is Stanley Park. Victoria (on the Island) is much more laid back and smaller city. Victoria is beautiful, surrounded by the Ocean. There are lots of lakes too; Elk Lake, Thetis Lake, Shawnigan Lake etc. Up island there are many gorgeous places to see. Look up Tofino (awesome surfing), Cathedral Grove, Long Beach. Sorry this is a bit rambley, just trying to remember as much as I can.

Mind you with the ages of your DC you may want to look at Alberta with the West Edmonton Mall or Drumheller, depends on what kinds of activities they enjoy.

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

TooDamnSarky Mon 21-Jan-19 17:55:53

If you want to reduce travel time then consider Newfoundland in July, only 4-5 hours away!
I had the best trip ever!

Jaxhog Mon 21-Jan-19 18:05:14

Another one for Vancouver or Vancouver Island. We've been to most parts (mum is Canadian), and it'll be the most interesting for a family hol. Great shopping, lots of activities, lots of sights etc. Whale watching too. Go in Aug/Sept or May. Bears and Moose are pretty rare everwhere. You'll probably see lots of Elk though.

We found NFL very boring, although it is nearer.

hippospot Mon 21-Jan-19 18:12:04

We've had great times in Gatineau Park and Algonquin Park in summer (lakes and forests but no mountains). Five-hour time difference if you don't want to go as far west as British Columbia. We absolutely love the lake and cottage lifestyle - truly relaxing.

I've never seen a moose though!

WickedGoodDoge Mon 21-Jan-19 20:21:48

If you want bears, go to Whistler. We went last July/August and saw plenty. grin Loads of cute marmots too.

We did a week in Vancouver (probably a couple days too many) and a week in Whistler (could have added two days). In Whistler we did hiking, swimming in lakes, canoeing, via Ferrara, zip lining etc. Tons to do but the organised activities were expensive.

Mix56 Tue 22-Jan-19 06:51:39

You could also fly to Toronto, hire a car go to Niagara falls, then up to the lakes further N Ontario, Algonquin Park etc.

or Montreal (french speaking), &,up to Mont Tremblant for rivers/lakes, canoeing etc

We had a fantastic time in Newf too, whales, eagles, walking, herds of Karibou, colony of puffins...

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