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Any inspiration/ideas for May?

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Swiftier Sat 12-Jan-19 17:03:40


Have got two weeks free in May - anyone have a suggestion about where to go?

We are going away later in the year for longer and this is a bit of unexpected time off so completely open to ideas/somewhere I wouldn’t have thought of.

Ideally somewhere within a less than 7/8 hour flight. We would enjoy somewhere where we can be outdoors exploring, or visiting interesting towns etc. Looking for a relaxing rather than super busy trip. Beaches would be nice but not a must! It will be two adults and we don’t have to be too strict on budget (but nothing crazy!) Not really interested in packages or all inclusives.

Thank you grin

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Nomad86 Sat 19-Jan-19 13:22:39

Cuba. We travelled round for a couple of weeks staying in homestays.

St Petersburg / Moscow. There's an amazing sleeper train you can take to explore Russia. Or take the ferry from At Petersburg to Finland.

Sicily would be a nice temperature that time of year, or Montenegro.

It really depends on budget and whether you prefer relaxing or active holidays.

PenguinPandas Sun 20-Jan-19 04:16:40

Norway - you can fly to and from Oslo with Ryanair very cheapily and Novosol has lots of places to rent. We are doing Oslo to Bergen and got a place with beach below Oslo to start with, the fjords and Bergen look amazing. Can do wildlife safaris like moose and whitewater rafting around Voss, Flam Railway etc. Or fly in and our of Bergen and do all the fjords plus there's an amazing road up there which goes from mainland to islands.

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